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Collagen for Eczema: Nusi's Story

Collagen for Eczema Nusi's Story

If you suffer from eczema, textural acne or any kind of skin condition, you’ll want to meet Nusi. 

With a Biological and Forensic Science degree and working as a Process Designer, Nusi’s understanding of skin and skincare runs deep. So, when she developed facial eczema and acne that was so painful it would keep her awake at night, Nusi knew steroids weren’t the answer (contrary to her GP). So instead, she fell down a rabbit hole, learning everything she could and searching for the best solution for her skin. It included cleansing, collagen and a journey of public self-experimentation as Nusi worked on healing herself. 

This is Nusi’s story. 

It might sound like a contradiction in terms, but Nusi deliberately went under the radar when she opened her Instagram account. Although she didn’t want friends or family to know about her posts, she hoped to reach out to and hear from total strangers. People who knew what she was going through because they were going through it, too. 

Pandemic lockdown lows 

It all began shortly after university. 

Nusi’s background was in biology and forensics, but she spotted a Process Designer position for a consumer goods company. With all the bravado and naivete of someone fresh from a university degree, Nusi thought she’d apply. Sure, the position would mean leaving her family behind and moving north, but she’d cross that bridge if ever life was serendipitous enough to place it in her path. Besides, the chances were pretty low, right? But, funny how life works out - she got the job. 

It was a baptism by fire. At whiplash pace, Nusi left home, headed to Newcastle and entered the workforce in a field that wasn’t quite what she’d studied (it was more chemical engineering). Not at all, if we’re to be frank. 

Then coronavirus landed, the world changed, and lockdown landed. 

Nusi's Eczema Story

Painful eczema and acne 

Growing up, Nusi had very few skin problems; the occasional spot would return time and time again in the same location, but that was pretty much it. 

Now in her early twenties, away from home for the first time, fresh from study and straight into a high-pressure job in a relatively new field, Nusi felt stressed.  In her words, work worry is very different to study worry. As lockdown settled in, Nusi’s skin broke out with an explosive case of eczema. It was concentrated around her face and neck, with a particularly sensitive covering over her eyelids. It was so painful that she couldn’t sleep. Nusi purchased two ice packs and would go to bed with one, the pain waking her up in the middle of the night, at which point she’d hop out of bed, go to the freezer and switch them around. It became a  vicious circle - eczema stopped her from sleeping; lack of sleep contributed to her stress and body’s inability to heal; a weakened immune system left her vulnerable to continued break-outs. On top of this, Nusi also developed textural acne. Unlike cystic acne, this presented as a rough layer of concentrated spots, making Nusi’s skin look textured. 

Nusi became incredibly self-conscious. She went slightly crazy. 

Her doctor prescribed steroids, but she knew that wasn’t going to fix the problem. So taking her health into her own hands, Nusi started with diet. She was aggressive, removing gluten, dairy, and sugar. Her family asked what was possibly left to eat. With her internal cleanse well underway, she now turned attention to topical applications. 

And that’s where Instagram comes into the picture. 

Nusi's Eczema

A social media and skin experiment 

Nusi began to trial all sorts of lotions and potions. 

She opened the @barefacenusi Instagram account to share her journey and see if anyone else was out there experiencing the same problems and, if so, whether they had successfully self-healed. In those early days, Nusi kept very quiet about the account. She never posted images that would reveal her identity. However, the account soon began to attract attention, and it wasn’t long before friends and family came to her asking if this bare face was, in fact, their Nusi. The account became a way for Nusi to deal with the emotional challenges of coping with such overt skin conditions. She doesn’t hide anymore and instead openly posts any flare-ups so others can identify, learn, understand. It’s empowered her and left her with a quiet and humble confidence. 

Whereas once she wouldn’t leave the house without concealer, now she freely posts without a filter. 

Marketing misnomers and skincare 

Her followers know that Nusi can see the science, or lack thereof, behind the marketing of these skincare products. 

She zeros in on ingredients and has become astounded at the influence marketing will have on a product’s retail price. Just the other day, she compared a face and a body sunscreen. Their ingredients were identical; the only difference was the marketing and the polar opposite price tags. Followers also appreciate that Nusi doesn’t dictate. She won’t decree that a product should or should not be used. Instead, she goes to lengths to present it with objectivity before declaring that it either did or did not work for her. Followers can take the information at, well, face value and decide for their own skin condition. 

Nusi's Eczema

Collagen for eczema and textural acne 

As part of her research, Nusi began looking into collagen. 

Her science background meant that she knew this protein was essentially a building block for the skin. However, she’d always associated it with ageing, and therefore it wasn’t on her youthful radar. Nonetheless, eczema continued to wound her skin; the scratching would cause bleeding, tears and scabs that would infect. She never healed fast enough. Moreover, her skin overall just didn’t look like it belonged to a woman in her early twenties. It was tired and lacklustre. 

Nusi knew that collagen could help to heal. So if it was also a building block for the skin, wouldn’t it help her repair? She began researching online. It was essential to find a Halal collagen, and that’s what led Nusi to Edible Health. She approached our wonderful customer service team, enquiring about a sample before committing to a complete purchase. Within three days of starting the sample collagen, the eczema on Nusi’s skin began to settle. 

A week into the trial and the eczema on her eyelids disappeared. Two and a half weeks later and her discolouration began to correct. Edible Health Marine Collagen was helping Nusi heal. It was all she needed to commit to a full tub. It became second nature for Nusi to take her Marine Collagen every day. Initially, she would spoon it into a coffee, but soon she became more adventurous, adding it to her overnight oats, breakfast pancakes or baking it into other goodies. At one point, she was too slow to purchase her next tub. In the collagen-free week, as she waited for her next purchase to apply, Nusi’s eczema began to return to her eyelids, and her neck began to flare up. She only needed the one warning - she’s never let it lapse again.


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Nusi’s skin has calmed down so much in the last eight months. She still has the occasional flare-ups, but they are nothing like they used to be. She continues to capture her journey through barefacenusi, sharing her experience as she goes. If your skin is suffering, visit Nusi’s account and see if her learning and knowledge might help you. Don’t expect recommendations - just an open and honest account from one woman about her particular health journey, what she’s learnt and how she’s grown into her skin. If you’d like to find out more about collagen, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team - we’d love to hear from you! 

Nusi's Collagen and Eczema Story

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