Collagen Protein Powder vs Whey & Plant Protein Powder

Collagen Protein Powder vs Whey

Many people, especially athletes, believe that they need to consume protein supplements to meet their daily protein goals and that the best sources are from whey, soy or veggie protein.

This simply isn’t true. Here's a look at collagen protein powder vs whey and plant protein powders.

What is the difference between collagen peptides and traditional protein powders?

Collagen powder contains protein in very small groups of molecules called protein peptides. These peptides are exceptionally small and comprise families of amino acids. Their size is critical - the smaller their size and the lower their molecular weight, the more easily the body absorbs the protein (more on this later). Collagen peptides typically come from bovine (cow) and marine (fish), but can also come from porcine (pig), ovine (sheep) and eggshell sources and contain 18 amino acids.

Traditional protein powders however, derive their protein from sources such as whey, peas, soybeans, rice, eggs or hemp. In many cases they contain less amino acids but, more often than not, they contain additional additives, flavourings and sweeteners that are actually quite unhealthy. In fact, due to its high casein content, whey protein is actually quite harmful to the gut and has become renowned for causing significant digestive issues (including gas, bloating, lethargy and abdominal discomfort) for many sports and fitness participants. The protein molecules in these powders are also larger, making them harder and slower for the body to digest and rendering them less effective as a source of protein.

Collagen Protein Powder vs Whey

Why are collagen peptides a superior source of protein?

We aren’t here to shame anyone for their diet or lifestyle choices, but we do want to help people to make informed choices. Here are three compelling reasons why collagen peptides are a better protein source than traditional protein powders, no matter what your health or fitness goals may be: 

1. Collagen protein is more bioavailable.

We know that bioavailable sounds like a really science-y word, but it’s actually super important when talking about supplements. “Bioavailability” refers to how easily a substance can be absorbed and used by the body. When talking about protein supplements, bioavailability is a good thing. It means that our bodies can quickly access what they need without using a lot of extra energy.

Traditional protein powders like whey require all sorts of bodily processes and a lot of energy to break them down into the usable building blocks of protein – the amino acids. Collagen peptides are already broken down into their smallest molecular structure and are ready to be channelled where the body needs them. This means that collagen is an easy and efficient source of protein, which can enhance energy and stamina and improve health more quickly.

2. Collagen protein is both allergen + gut health friendly.

Compared to traditional protein powders, which are often formulated from whey or casein and contain all sorts of artificial sweeteners and/or gums, collagen is much more gut friendly. The proteins in whey and casein can bother sensitive digestive systems, especially for those who are lactose intolerant. Artificial sweeteners, like sucralose, aspartame and even erythritol, can alter the bacteria of the microbiome and cause both short and long-term digestive distress.

Collagen peptides, however, are free of all of the most common allergens, including gluten, dairy, soy and nuts. And you’ll never find us adding artificial sweeteners to our products either. We prefer them au natural!

Collagen Protein Powder vs Whey

3. Collagen peptides are PURE protein.

Unlike the popular whey or casein, rice, pea or hemp protein blends, collagen peptides are 100% protein and nothing else. There are no additives, no gums, no sweeteners, no added carbs or fat. They are just protein. Collagen peptides are able to fuel your muscle recovery + repair quickly, easily + purely.

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