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Healthy Christmas Present Ideas

Are you looking for gifts for healthy eaters in your life? With so many dietary requirements and preferences, it isn’t always easy to please everyone. But we’ve made it simple for you to offer healthy holiday gifts to loved ones this Christmas season. We trust these goodness goodies will be a welcome healthy Christmas present amongst all the minced pies. 

 The Cosy Collagen Winter Bundle

- 1 x 400g tub of Edible Health Bovine or Marine Collagen 

- 1 x tub of Edible Health Creamer

- Take Away Coffee Cup

- Hotel Chocolate  

- Milk Whisker 

Health and wellness gifts can include a little slice of indulgence, right? Besides - chocolate is full of antioxidants! We honestly can’t think of a better way to wrap up the silly season than making a deliciously decadent collagen-infused coffee creamer, complete with some irresistible choc nibbles. Fill up your takeaway cup and head to the woods or water for a detox walk (and tasty little hit of chocolatey energy). Everyone loves edible Christmas gifts, especially when they involve one of our ultimate best sellers - Marine or Bovine collagen!

 Festive Collagen Glow Bundle

- Gua Sha

- 1 x tub Edible Health Anti-Ageing Collagen 

- 1 x Edible Health VIP Cream

If you’re after wellness gifts for someone who takes a lot of pride and care in looking after themselves, this is it. Our Anti-Ageing Collagen is a beauty-boosting blend with ingredients that reads like the who’s who of skin, hair and nail care heavy-hitters. Think Rutin, Resveratrol, Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc Glycinate and more. Add to that Edible Health’s super popular VIP cream and a luxurious Gua Sha, and this will be an instant stocking favourite!

Santa's Little Collagen Gut Helper

- 1 x tub Edible Health Digestive Enzyme Collagen 

- 1 x Edible Health Charcoal Capsules 

- Kombucha

Finding gifts for healthy eaters with sensitive tummies can be tough. Our Digestive Enzyme Collagen is packed with amino acids, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, triglycerides and herbs. You’ll find all the goodies to keep a belly happy and healthy, especially during the epicurean onslaught of Christmas!

 The Ultimate Collagen Wellbeing Wonder

- Bovine/Marine

- DEC / Anti Ageing 

- Edible Health Water Bottle

- Edible Health VIP Cream

- Gua Sha

Oh. My. Days. Steady your heart rates because this is truly the ultimate in healthy living Christmas gift ideas! Forget about season’s greetings stockings; this is the festive season healthy gift hamper Motherlode! Our little elves have thrown in pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. Indeed, this is the surprise under the Christmas tree that will keep on giving for months to come. 

Which exceptional healthy Christmas gifts take your fancy? We think there’s something here for everyone!


Merry Christmas and happy festive returns to you all! 

Love, the Edible Health Elves.