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Collagen for Immunity

Have you heard of all the benefits of collagen for the immune system? Everything from improved gut digestion and health, to better sleep, increased brain function, higher vitality and stronger immunity, offering greater resilience against colds and bugs. So, what is it about collagen for immunity - what’s the connection? Collagen is the most prolific protein in the body, and we need it to build, maintain and repair everything from muscles, tendons and joints, and also the lining of our gut wall. With so much of our immunity starting in our gut, it is vital to keep it sealed, ensuring that all the healthy nutrients stay in, and bacteria and other health-enhancing micro organisms remain in balance.

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When it comes to Edible Health collagen powders, there is no single best collagen for the immune system as all our pure powders and potent blends work to maintain good gut health. And, as we’ve just learned, a good gut is a significant foundation for good health. However, we do have our Digestive Enzyme Collagen blend, which amps up the gut goodness thanks to an incredible and unique formula of premium quality, gut-loving nutrients. So, increase your resilience, put some goodness into your gut and shop Edible Health today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does collagen help the immune system?

Collagen and immunity go hand in hand. Why? Because some of the most significant roles that collagen’s essential amino acids play in our bodies are to build, maintain and repair the various cells and tissues throughout our bodies, including the lining of our gut. Given that 90% of the immune system resides in the gut, we believe our collagen powder can play an important role in gut health, thereby ensuring our immune system is also protected. Much of our general health and wellbeing begins in the gut, so if our gut’s microbiome is in fine working order, then there’s every chance the rest of our body will be too!

Do collagen peptides help the immune system?

Collagen peptides are just another name given to collagen molecules that have been broken down into smaller pieces, so collagen and collagen peptides are fundamentally the same things. Therefore,  as mentioned above, collagen peptides can help the immune system.  We believe the best collagen peptides are either marine collagen peptides or bovine collagen peptides. Both are equally effective, so your choice of which collagen peptide to take comes down to personal preference.

Can you take collagen with an autoimmune disease?

Autoimmune diseases, including arthritis, diabetes, skin conditions, bowel disease, celiac disease etc., occur when the body mistakenly attacks itself. We have long-term loyal customers with serious autoimmune diseases such as Crohn's disease, psoriasis, eczema and arthritis who swear by our collagen for immunity building.  When considering collagen and your autoimmune disease, we recommend you consult your doctor for any specific medical advice.

What type of collagen is best for wound healing?

When it comes to taking collagen powder for wound care, supplementing collagen for injury, or for speeding up recovery from surgery, we believe any of our 100% pure, hydrolysed collagen powders will provide you with the best collagen for injury repair.  Our state of the art hydrolysis process ensures that we offer the most bioavailable types of collagen on the market. Essentially, hydrolysis breaks down the collagen so that the body can absorb it more quickly and easily. Moreover, the fact it is powder means this is the best way to get collagen in your diet because you have total flexibility to incorporate it into daily hot drinks, smoothies, breakfast cereal or even baking and cooking, without any of the nasties that you get with capsules, gummies, shots and liquids.

How much collagen should I take for wound healing?

When it comes to wound healing and collagen, our recommendation is to take 13 grams of collagen powder per day to experience the full benefits of collagen. For our premium marine collagen hydrolysate and our premium bovine collagen hydrolysate, this equates to approximately two tablespoons, depending on your spoon size and how much you load it up! If you are undergoing medical treatment related to your wound healing, we recommend you consult with your doctor for any specific medical advice.