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Following a year of virus news, lockdowns, quarantines and restrictions, it’s no wonder more and more people are seeking out the best collagen supplements. 

Health is at the forefront of our minds as we all work to build our immunity, and supplementing with collagen can help us do this. 

Edible Health has designed a range of products that we believe are not just the best collagen powders in 2021, but the best full stop. 

What makes Edible Health’s collagen supplements the best? 

There are a number of reasons why you won’t want to get your collagen from anyone else but Edible Health.

The best collagen products ensure quality 

All Edible Health collagen powders comprise 100 percent pure, natural collagen. This is derived sustainably from either bovine (cow hide) or marine (fish skin) sources. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to ensure the most bioavailable, highest quality levels of collagen are in our products. That way, we can deliver optimum absorption with maximum efficacy. 

When it comes to our plain Edible Health Bovine and Edible Health Marine powders, you’re only ingesting pure collagen. Taking another brand in another form, such as pills, gummies, liquids or shots, inevitably means you’re ingesting other ingredients, which may compromise the goodness collagen is trying to do. 

Alongside our plain collagen powders, we also offer two highly specialised blends which have been developed to provide enhanced benefits for specific health concerns. Our Digestive Enzyme Collagen and Anti-Ageing collagen blends are a powerhouse of pure collagen combined with super nutrients and only use 100 percent natural ingredients renowned for their health benefits.

All our products are Halal and Kosher certified and being zero carb and zero sugar are ideal for Keto, Paleo and Whole30 lifestyles, as well as intermittent fasting. Our collagen is also certified free from GMO, BSE, gluten, whey, dairy, soy, nuts, pesticides, heavy metals, steroids, antibiotics and hormones. It also complies with WADA regulation. 

The best collagen supplements deliver value for money 

We know we offer the best collagen supplements in 2021 because our products are nothing but pure collagen. By their very nature, liquids, gummies, shots and pills have to include other ingredients, which means gram-for-gram, and also Pound for Pound, you’re not getting the same level of collagen per serving if you opt for anything other than Edible Health powder.

If you follow our recommended serving size of 13,000mg (13 grams) per day, then our 400g tub will last you 30 days. By comparison, the average purchase of shots or liquids will only last 10-14 days. And yes, a bottle of gummies and pills might offer 60 or even 90 days supply, but they typically have only 750mg of collagen per serving, which is over 17 times less collagen!  Powder is the most natural and powerful way to get the purest and biggest bang for your buck!

The best collagen supplements in 2021 provide a wide range

Here at Edible Health, we strongly believe that our products should work around your lifestyle, not the other way around. This is another reason we choose to make powder only products. It gives you absolute flexibility in terms of adjusting the serving size (our 13 grams recommendation is approximately two tablespoons daily) and mixing up the way you take it.

Some people like to take it in one go by adding to smoothies or porridge, others like to take a bit here and there in their tea, coffee, soups and other drinks throughout the day and many like to make it part of their baking routine or even give a health boost to a cheeky cocktail!

Collagin and tonic anyone?!

We also know that religion, allergies, personal tastes and beliefs are all valid and important factors when making health purchases. As a result, we have deliberately created a wide range of products designed to appeal to all our customers.


What are the best collagen products from Edible Health? 

100% Pure Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen 

Our best-selling collagen on Amazon for all-round health, and  those with fish and shellfish allergies or those who can’t eat fish products.

For hair, skin, nails, joints, pain, inflammation, bones, gut health, sleep, fitness, injuries, metabolism, muscle, keto, weight loss and wrinkles. 

100% Pure Hydrolysed Marine Collagen 

The best selling collagen on our website, this is our great all-rounder for those who can’t eat beef products or who are pescatarian.

For hair, skin, nails, joints, pain, inflammation, bones, gut health, sleep, fitness, injuries, metabolism, muscle, keto, weight loss and wrinkles. 

Digestive Enzyme Collagen  

This special collagen blend aims to ‘heal & seal’.

Comprising our premium bovine collagen with amino acids, Digestive Enzyme Collagen blends powerful probiotics, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, triglycerides and herbs.

For bowel inflammation and food sensitivities, digestion and gut health, cognitive and immune system function, metabolism and muscle function.

With only the purest, natural freeze dried pineapple added for flavour, this blend will take your smoothies, bowls, yoghurt, ice cream and baking to another level. 

Anti-Ageing Collagen 

This unique and potent blend is designed to help with the visible and non-visible signs of ageing.

An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, Anti-ageing blends our premium bovine collagen with amino acids along with a super nutrient hit of vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and bioflavonoids.

For skin beauty, wrinkles, hair, nails and eyes, liver and cognitive function, blood vessels, veins, circulation, energy, the nervous system, hormones. 

With an all-natural raspberry citrus twist that smacks of summer, this one tub wonder offers an incredible defence not just against ageing but also against attacks on your purse, as buying these ingredients separately could set you back at least 5-6 times more! 

Collagen Creamer 

Made from our pure bovine collagen and organic MCT coconut milk powder, this powerful supplement adds a deliciously creamy, MCT enhanced hit.

For boosting metabolism, weight loss, brain function and gut health, plus may also help reduce appetite, cravings. Keto and paleo friendly. 

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for some new products coming soon...


Edible Health puts people before profits. Our founders have experienced their own health challenges, and they know that honesty and transparency are key when it comes to supplements.

We don’t want to feed you with gimmicks, we want to feed you with goodness. As a result, we’re not after a quick win sale; we’re after long-term relationships with our customers.

We are UK owned and operated, and our founders play a daily and very active role in the business. If you’d like to read our story, you can find more about us on our site. 

We’re confident we offer the best collagen supplements in 2021 and indeed, any other time you’re looking! If you have any questions, or you’re not sure about something, just contact us here! 

We’d love to hear from you.