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Anna's Eczema Hands

For years Anna suffered the pain of eczema on her hands. Collagen delivered a remarkable result, making her hands look better & healthier than she thought possible.

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Emma's Thinning Hair

Hair supplements, hair growth products, food for healthy hair; Emma tried the lot. It was only once she started using collagen that her hair began to feel thicker.

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Mark's Surgery Recovery

Collagen helped Mark recover from a near-fatal leg infection and major surgery.

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 I have been using this product for over 12 months now. I am now convinced that the reduction in the severity of my arthritis flares can be attributed to this.

 Purchased Bovine Collagen

Linda - Review March 2020

I have tried numerous marine collagen powders and this is by far the best. I am now sleeping well and my skin has a definite glow. I would recommend this product.

Purchased Marine Collagen
Carol - Review June 2020

Excellent product, I have noticed an improvement in my skin, nails and also energy levels. 

Purchased Anti-Ageing Collagen
Jennifer - Review July 2020

The gut health reduced my bloating, the anti ageing was brilliant for my skin. Saw brilliant results quite quickly to be honest. I didn't have to wait for a long time. 

Purchased Digestive Enzyme Collagen

Trusted Customer- Review February 2020

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Gut Health Collagen

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Meet Sophie - Sophie works in Marketing and has shared her story about why she takes Edible Health Bovine Collagen


Marketing Manager + Beauty Blogger

"I take the bovine collagen everyday...it really fills me up and allows me to intermittent fast very easily which has massively helped with weight loss. I also notice when taking it my skin looks more youthful and feels more ‘elastic’. I actually realise when I stop taking the collagen that my skin appears more lined."

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Meet Hebe - Hebe works in Music and has shared her story about why she takes Edible Health Bovine Collagen



"After only a month, Edible Health collagen has noticeably increased my circulation and reduced my joint pain. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to explore alternative ways to improve their health!"

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Meet Doug - Doug works as a chiropractor and has shared his story about why he takes Edible Health Bovine Collagen



"I've been using the Edible Health Bovine and Marine collagen for over a year now. I started putting more collagen into my recovery smoothie every day and cannot believe the results, I can now run 13.1 miles at 48 years old without any pain."

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