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What is collagen code?

Here at Edible Health, we take HUGE pride in being no nonsense Wellbeing Warriors. We understand and have tremendous respect for the potency of pure, natural ingredients. So why mess with Mother Nature when she knows best, right? 

This stripped-back, naked-and-natural approach to life extends across all areas of our business except, of course, clothing (although we often work from home, so anything is possible, right?!). Unfortunately, however, as the collagen industry grows, we become increasingly aware of marketing ploys, myths and just downright nonsense often peddled to you, dear customer.

And we’ve had enough of it. It’s time for change.

We were buyers long before we were sellers, and nothing boils our blood more than crap products from crap sellers who don’t give a crap! So that’s why we’ve created our very own Collagen Code with the intention of unapologetically setting new standards in collagen. 

No bulk, no bots, no BS - just what we believe matters in collagen. This isn’t marketing mumbo-jumbo; it’s our four-point promise to you that we will always abide by this set of principles, and we urge other sellers to do the same, whatever they’re selling:

Edible Health Truthful Company


We refuse to deal in BS - our marketing approach is as transparent and natural as the ingredients in our products. You won’t hear us whisper sweet nothings and making hollow promises. We also won’t scaremonger you with collagen myths. From us, you get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


No bulking, no added nasties, sugar, gluten, dairy and absolutely no BSE, hormones or antibiotics - and we have the certificates to prove it. Want to see? Just ask! We have nothing to hide. We keep it clean and always the best quality.


For us, source matters. And that’s one of the many reasons we only get our collagen from the world’s very best manufacturer, despite the higher prices (in collagen, you really do get what you pay for!). Their standard of quality in collagen manufacturing has, and always will be, second to none. Every batch is made on-site, and every batch is tracked, controlled and audited - meaning we have complete control and traceability from source to science.


We’re not about business. We’re about humans. We are real people who really care, offering real products that really work. You won’t receive courteous templates from our customer care team. If you need help, then we are there for you - always. And, depending on your enquiry, you might very well hear directly from our founders with a detailed response. Where else does that happen…?! Every member of our team cares about you, and we stand by our customers no matter what. If you’re not happy, then we’re not happy. At the end of the day, if you can’t trust our company, our people or our products, then we have no right to be in business.

Life is full of smoke and mirrors these days, don’t you agree? Collagen has become a category of gimmicks, egos and not-so-white lies, and we’ve had enough of the collagen cowboys. So this is us, doing our bit cut through the crap.

As such, we really hope this Collagen Code resonates with you and your principles as much as it does ours. Rest assured, we never compromise - in anything we do! - and we will only ever be straighty one-eighty.

Edible Health is, and always will be, naturally no nonsense.

We’d love to hear your thoughts or feedback!