How to use collagen powder

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How to Use Collagen Powder

Natural and unflavoured, our collagen powder is easy to use, incredibly versatile and designed to be added to any hot or cold food and drinks. And since we refuse to use any form of sweeteners, flavours or "pretend to be nice" nasties, it will be as kind to your body as it will be to that all important morning coffee or bowl of porridge!

* We recommend 13 grams per day.

* Start slow & build up if you need.

* Take in one go or throughout the day.

* Adjust dosage to suit your taste.

* Shake, stir, mix or blend thoroughly.

* Consult your Doc if taking meds.

collagen protein for food

A. ADD...

collagen protein for food


collagen protein for food


1. HOW MUCH?...

13g or roughly 1-2 level tablespoons a day.

Depending on your spoon size!

Build up slowly, 1 teaspoon at a time.

Or just smash it!

2. HOW OFTEN?...

Every single day.

Consistency and persistency!

Results in 4-12 weeks, but it varies.

The science is definitely NOT exact!

3. AND HOW?...

Add to suit your own taste. 

Tea, coffee, smoothies, porridge!

Collagin & Tonic?

Master your collagen destiny!

Collagen protein blend for food