Proof that collagen works

Proof That Collagen Works




In a world of relentless stress, strain, pain and toxins, it’s vital to take charge of our health and find safe and sustainable ways to improve our well-being.

Yet in an ever-changing world of information overload, we can often feel overwhelmed and confused by all the conflicting opinions.

So, we’ve gathered the most relevant and helpful information about collagen below to help you heal or hack your health and decipher facts from fiction.

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High quality safe protein collagen

Collagen Hydrolysate?...

Collagen hydrolysate has received increasing attention in recent decades. This study summarises the developments and benefits. 


High quality safe protein collagen

Does Collagen actually work?...

Identification of Food-Derived Collagen Peptides in Human Blood after Oral Ingestion of Gelatin Hydrolysates.


High quality safe protein collagen


Collagen hydrolysate is reported to have anti-ageing properties & a positive effect on skin wrinkling, elasticity and hydration. 


High quality safe protein collagen for injuries


Collagen for the treatment for osteoarthritis & other joint disorders:
A review of the literature.


High quality safe protein collagen for injuries

Leaky Gut?...

Collagen peptides derived from Alaska pollock skin protect against TNFα-induced dysfunction of tight junctions in Caco-2 cells.


High quality safe protein collagen for injuries

Sports Injury?...

The effect of collagen hydrolysate on activity-related joint pain in athletes who are physically active and have no evidence of joint disease.


What our customers say...

Absolutely love this product, having had 2 tablespoons a day and 2 thirds of the way through the tub I noticed my skin everywhere was very soft and the wrinkles under my eyes seemed to have smoothed out a bit! Skin feels a bit plumper, I shall be taking this for the rest of my life!

Deb, Amazon Customer

I mix a couple of teaspoons in my coffee every morning. Has no taste so easy to drink. Dissolves instantly. My hair and nails have grown and my energy levels are high just by drinking this everyday. Also has stopped my hot flushes. I wish I had know about it years ago!

Jas, Amazon Customer

Very easy to take. I put a tablespoon in my tea / coffee in the mornings. Dissolves well with no taste . I have noticed less aches in my joints , I have arthritis, my skin looks smoother too . Very happy with my purchase and will purchase again.

Bernadette, Amazon Customer

Easy to use and is helping my bald spot grow back in after my hair stopped growing years ago. Also helped my nails so much so that I’ve stopped wearing acrylics as I was having to get them redone too often!

Duchess, Amazon Customer