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Welcome to our 2021 kick off our 30 day influencer campaign.

The #EHCollagenChallenge 

We have carefully selected a group of individuals who we feel would be perfect for this campaign, as well as fit in with the Edible Health brand image. 

So, what do we want to achieve? 

- Opportunity to work with influencers on a campaign and ‘test’ what works and what doesn’t work
- Build brand awareness and credibility through the use of influencers 
- Content creation through re-purposing influencers content, as well as general posts about the campaign 

    What will YOU get out of it?

    - Free collagen, and the potential for free tubs in the future (dependent on their content/success in the campaign etc)
    - The opportunity to be one of the first members of our long-term influencers, before our very exciting rebrand 
    - The potential for future paid campaigns, performance dependent 
    - Not to mention the health benefits that the collagen will hopefully bring
      What would we expect from you throughout the month? 
      As this campaign will be unpaid, we cannot ask for a certain amount of posts. This needs to come from you. You can be as creative as you like, we're excited to see everyones content! 

      After the campaign, what will we expect? 
      If we build a strong relationship with you, and you are enjoying on board, then you will likely be the first few Edible Health influencers. Right now, we can't tell you what this looks like... but its the start of a very exciting year for us, and we're planning big things. 

        Check out our video for a full explanation, below.