not just for millennials!

not just for girls!

not just for beauty!

not just for humans!

not just for wrinkles!

not just for pretty faces!

Give a builder bricks, he will build a house. 
Give a body collagen, it will build a home.
~ Corinna, aka The Queen of Collagen, Founder & Director


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What is Collagen?

Benefits of Collagen...

Collagen... a staple NOT a supplement!

Eliminate Pain...   Expedite Healing...   Enhance Performance...
Renew Your Body...   Revitalise Your Beauty...   Regain Your Health...

Tried, Tested, Trusted...

Analysed, certified and purified
Non GMO and BSE safe
Halal, Kosher and WADA certified
Fully compliant with EU + US regulation
100% sustainable in production

Free From:

• Dairy • Gluten • Whey • Soy • Nuts • Pesticides • Heavy Metals • Synthetics Drugs • Dioxins • Steroids • Antibiotics • Hormones • Veterinary Medical Products


Easy to use & is helping my bald spot grow back after my hair stopped growing years ago. Also helped my nails so much that I've stopped wearing acrylics as I was having to get them redone too often!

Duchess, Amazon Customer

After a few weeks of using this powder I can see a definite improvement in my skin and no muscle pains either so will continue to use. Good size tin too.

Mrs E, Amazon UK Customer

Fantastic product, saw instant results to hair and nail growth and general improvement in energy levels. Easy to use daily and great value for money.

Beth, Amazon UK Customer

Very easy to take. I put a tablespoon in my tea / coffee in the mornings. Dissolves well with no taste. I have noticed less aches in my joints, I have arthritis, my skin looks smoother too. Very happy with my purchase and will purchase again.

Mr Hedge, Amazon UK Customer

I bought the product to assist with the successful recovery of a fractured ankle. Perhaps its all in my mind but it worked for me by a series of small things brought together. I have made a full and timely recovery :-)

Petra, Amazon UK Customer

Fantastic, I have only been using collagen for two months and I can already see a difference with my nails which are a lot stronger now. This formula has no taste, no colour and dissolves easily, you wouldn't even know that you are drinking it. 

Vonnie, Amazon UK Customer