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makes the dream work!


REAL people who really care, offering REAL products that really work.

Most websites try to be ‘cool’ or ‘corporate’ and most companies are Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C).

But we don't want to be flashy and we are not about business. We are all about people.

We are Human to Human (H2H).

And whilst we hope you can see how seriously we take our business and how professional we want to be, we want you to know that we mean it when we say “People Before Profits”. We really do believe that our people are our business – whether that’s you or us!

So, if you’d like to know more about us then scroll down for more. But, if you’re in a hurry and just want to shop, then just click here…


trusted collagen protein
trusted collagen protein


Founder & Director
aka The Queen of Collagen, QC, Queen Creens

The Dark Side: A spiteful comment aged 18 poking fun at my 'pot belly' led to eating disorders, body image issues and weight obsession. After 30 years of books, seminars, diets, exercise and almost dying from supplements, I have learned a lot! And so the journey continues… I hate BS, Big Pharma, Governments and the exploitation of people for the sake of profit.

The Light Side: I love helping people, writing, walking, talking, travelling, eating, not eating, scuba diving, skydiving, hang gliding, swimming, dancing, fishing, reading, racing, motorbikes, cars, building houses and spending time with my 7 Bubbas from other Muvvas. I am the Crazy Auntie!

The Far Side: I’ve been omni, veggie, vegan and raw, have done juice fasts, water fasts and even an 11 day dry fast (no food or water). I love colonics, enemas (the only way I take my coffee!), alternative health and anything that rebels against the system. I use Feng Shui every day, throw crystals in the Thames at midnight and put 80 litre buckets of water around houses to help sell them!

The In-Side: I’m the anarchistic, passionate, rebellious, contentious, tenacious, swearing, crazy chick behind Edible Health who will do anything to help anyone but who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. A petrol-head-adrenaline-junkie, born with a passport in my hand, a head full of ideas, more energy than a Red Bull Race Team and a cliched desire to save the world, I keep Simon on his toes and drive the whole team mad.

trusted collagen protein

Founder & Director
aka Mutley, Godd, Racing Car Driver

As the senior statesman of the team, it is my job to be the serious one and keep all those young ‘uns in line....but I’m far too busy sat at the back of the class making paper aeroplanes and watching F1 online.

Likes: the challenges of having an online business when you’re from an analogue generation; travel; food; brandy sours and anything fast... wheeeeeee

Dislikes: the challenges of having an online business when you’re from an analogue generation, olives; artichokes and paying for parking.

But seriously though...  'the first wealth is health' and, having had my own health journey suffering from migraines for almost 50 years, it feels good to be part of something that is genuinely helping people and improving their quality of life.

Previously, I was part of a very successful ‘traditional retail’ business where I learned the values of having an excellent team and providing customers with stellar service... it’s very important to me that these qualities form the very DNA of Edible Health.

Growing from nowhere to the Number 1 Collagen on Amazon in a year has not been without its challenges, but the amazing reviews and feedback we receive from you truly make it worth it!

trusted collagen protein

Business Manager
aka Chief Trouble Maker, Godd’s Biscuit Buyer

I’m Jess and Corinna couldn’t be without me!! You name it, I can do it. Except for videos. No chance.

I enjoy drinking a Negroni or a good Rosé. Sounds pretentious I know, but I can promise you I’m not. 

Likes: OmBar Chocolate, Truffle, Fish & Chips... and...COLLAGEN duh! (not together obvs) 

Dislikes: Spiders or any bugs for that matter. 

Known for: Sarcasm, being a joker (when the joke's not on me of course) and loving my bed. 

Main role at Edible Health: Supplying Godd with biscuits.

So.. how did I land on the Edible Health planet?... Simon's daughter is my bestie and she introduced me knowing that I am very much into my health and the latest trends and fads.. except Collagen isn't just a fad, it actually works! Then, over a Pizza and a long conversation with the Queen and Godd, I was soon sold on joining this collagen journey with them. So I stepped out of my high-end PA role and into the role of chief trouble maker here at Edible Health!

trusted collagen protein

Quality Control & Customer Support
aka Pops, Top Taste Tester & Lord of Logistics

Hello! I'm John and also Corinna's Dad.

When I'm not writing handwritten notes to send to our customers with their samples, or testing new batches of Collagen to make sure they pass our strict quality control, then you'll find me either building model racing cars, painting racing cars or going to Le Mans and watching racing cars. Not that I'm a motorsport fan or anything!!

Aside from my love of cars, I enjoy reading, walking, playing Pentanque and spending as much time as I can with the new addition to our family - Cora, our first and very precious Granddaughter.

Having had both of my eye lenses replaced, I am an avid fan of the Collagen as this expedited my recovery ten-fold. And the new hair growth on my previously bald head was an added bonus, although I now have to go to the barbers twice a month!

trusted collagen protein

MR X...
Founder & Silent Partner
aka Mystery Man, Minion Boss and RF

Tall, dark and handsome? Cliched we know, but how else do you describe a 'Mr X'?! 

A true spiritualistic entrepreneur that Houdini’d himself out of corporate handcuffs and debts up to his eyeballs to go on to build (and sell) some of the best SEO Affiliate websites in the world (according to 

Previously a tenant of The Queen, Mr X helped conceive and give birth to our Collagen baby and, whilst no longer active within the Company, he will always be a very significant, important and never forgotten (albeit anonymous) parent of our family because of his amazing support, friendship and connection with EH...

And not just because he drives a really sexy supercar!

trusted collagen protein

ALEX... Marketing

aka Defender of ACOS, Battler of the Budget

Loves: my wife and kid, cats and dogs (because I don’t have any), sarcasm, going to concerts, tattoos (because I have many)

Dislikes: anything fake, starting with people.

Favourite colour: black

Favourite food: anything spicy or with grill marks on it, anything that had a name before becoming food and sushi!

Favourite drink: specialty coffee, many types of spirits and water 

Long term goal: retire while young, healthy and wealthy 

trusted collagen protein

SUSANNAH... Business Support

aka Mad Cat Lady & Chocolate Connoisseur

Loves: my family, friends, cats and dog; live music; dancing; sailing, even when the weather is miserable (mostly); yoga; the outdoors. 

Dislikes: thoughtlessness; animal cruelty; clowns (they scare the hell out of me); heights. 

Favourite colour: red, especially lipstick! 

Favourite food: too hard to narrow it down but hummus, avocados, goats cheese, olives, watermelon and dark chocolate definitely make the list (not necessarily in that order!)

Favourite drink: collagen coffee  and red wine. And prosecco. Oh, and gin. Let’s not forget the gin. And of course a nice cup of tea!

Long term goal: buy a sailing boat, become a sea gypsy and sail the world!  

trusted collagen protein

SOPHIE... Customer Service Manager

aka Chief of Customer Contentment, Dazzling Duchess

I’m Sophie, and I look after anything and everything to do with customer service, satisfaction and support.

Outside of the world of Collagen, you can usually find me:

Singing to anyone that will listen! 

Drinking cocktails. Eating pineapple (I could eat it all day, every day!) Dancing until the sun comes up at music festivals!

I am also a crazy cat lady and will talk about my cat, a lot.

I’m here for  any and all customer queries, so just say 

I don’t bite… I promise!

trusted high quality collagen protein for all ages

HARJ... Accountant

aka Badass Bean Counter

Hi I’m Harj and you’ll usually find me between the spreadsheets!

A snapshot of moi in no particular order:

Mi Familia

World adventurer

Watching Liverpool FC conquer Europe

Tracking down all of London’s speakeasies


Spontaneous long walks without Google Maps

Starbucks Caramel Frappuccinos

Watching Louis Theroux documentaries

trusted high quality collagen protein for all ages

Could This Be You?...

If you fancy becoming a part of our Edible Health family, then email Sophie above

trusted high quality collagen protein for all ages job offer

Could This Be You?...

If you fancy becoming a part of our Edible Health family, then email Sophie above!


YOU are smart and won’t be fooled by fancy marketing or gimmicks.
YOU work hard for your money and refuse to spend it on products that don’t work.
YOU are empowered fellow humans and know your body better than anyone else.


WE are honest and transparent and won't try and fool you with packaging, marketing or mis-leading claims.
WE will only offer proven products that deliver real results and are priced as low as possible.
WE love helping anyone we can and truly stand by our mantra "People Before Profits".


Any questions or issues, we PROMISE to be here for you.
We are only human but, if we make a mistake, we PROMISE to own it and fix it.
Any costs we can save and profits we can make, we PROMISE to reinvest these to keep helping you.