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We've been guided by these four principles since launching Edible Health in 2016
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About us

From body shaming to supplement city

For us, that path actually began years ago. It started for me when I was a very young woman and someone made a really disparaging and spiteful comment about my body, which sent my health on a downward spiral. By the time I met Simon, I had tried every diet and supplement under the sun and my body was in meltdown. It was Simon who convinced me to clean up and clear out all that from my life. 

The collagen epiphany 

Together we ‘discovered’ collagen. The more we read and learned, the more we realised this really was something special. In this single, and incredibly significant, protein lay the answer to so much of our wellbeing, of everyone’s wellbeing. The story might have ended there, with us becoming devotees of collagen and living happily ever after. But, in actual fact it had only moved us into another chapter…


From a way of life to a fully-fledged business 

We were approached by someone we knew with an opportunity to invest in a business based on, you guessed it, collagen. It was like one of those film moments when all the planets align at once, and all the pennies drop at the same time. There was only ever going to be one response. Yes. Absolutely, 100 percent, hand-on-heart yes.

About Edible Health

And on that note, where would we be without our amazing team? We sometimes want to pinch ourselves because we feel fortunate to be surrounded by so many great and talented individuals who we appreciate every day. We believe in the Law of Attraction and each and every one of our team was attracted to us via a wonderful, serendipitous story. In the same way we empower our customers with their health, we empower our team with their careers and their freedom through a digital nomad, flexible working environment where they are able to do work that they love at a time and a place that suits them. Creativity, diversity, freedom, empowerment and happiness are our company goals. 


Founder and Director 

Our visionary who is the personal embodiment of our mantra to stay real and care for our customers.

trusted collagen protein


Founder and Director 

Our rock who never strays from strategy.

trusted collagen protein


Business Manager

Our ultimate wing pilot and go-to person who gets everything done and more.

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Our numbers man who is never far away from a well-managed excel spreadsheet. 

trusted collagen protein


Business Support

Our gentle, precise, thorough team member with a heart of gold.

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Customer Service Manager 

The ray of sunshine for us and our customers; even her emails smile. 



Our quick-witted algorithm guru; he loves sarcasm, but really he’s just a big softy!


Contract Content Writer

Who thinks through her keyboard, and is behind so much of what you read about us.

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Quality Control & Customer Support

Our quiet, but key team member whose personalised messages accompany packages and delight so many customers.

Thanks for taking time to find out more about us. We would love to hear about you and your collagen journey, so please drop us an email and connect!

In love and light,

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