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What is the Best Collagen For Gut Health?

What is the Best Collagen For Gut Health?

A healthy gut is essential for a healthy body.

Not only does our gut help to digest food into nutrients our bodies can use, but 80% of the immune system functionality resides within the gut! The bacteria in our gut microbiome can affect our brains, hearts, kidneys and even our weight. In fact, in recent research, our metabolism, hormone balance, mood and even our genetic expression have all been connected to the health of our gut.

Read on to discover:

How do I know if I have an unhealthy gut?

Digestive issues like bloating, gas, heartburn, diarrhoea and constipation are the clearest sign of an unhealthy gut.

However, there are other signs, too. Because our gut affects so many of our body’s systems, gut issues could be responsible for any number of non-digestive related symptoms or struggles.

  • Food intolerances: This differs from a true food allergy and refers to difficulty digesting certain foods or food groups.
  • Autoimmune issues: Gut irritation is believed to cause systemic inflammation. It may even alter the way our immune systems function. Overactive immune systems and unhealthy guts can often result in autoimmune diseases.
  • Skin issues: Skin conditions, such as eczema, are believed to be symptoms of an unhealthy gut. Chronic acne and distressed or dry skin can also be an outward working of damage inside our bodies. So, don’t automatically reach for the hyaluronic acid if you want to improve skin - think about what’s happening inside as much as outside.
  • Sleep problems: Sleep and gut problems are linked. An unhealthy gut can cause sleep disorders such as insomnia. Modern research emphasises the importance of sleep for a healthy gut.
  • Weight changes: A change in weight without a change to diet or exercise routine may be a sign of an unhealthy gut. Malabsorption of nutrients can lead to unintentional weight loss due to malnutrition or weight gain due to overeating.

If you are experiencing any health issues above, please consult your GP. The below tips & tricks are helpful, but they are not intended to replace proper medical advice.

Collagen for digestive issues

The good news is that there are ways that we can help improve our gut microbiome. One of the easiest ways to encourage your gut to heal is to incorporate collagen into your daily routine. We believe this powerful protein is one of the best supplements for digestive issues.

How does collagen help digestion?

Collagen peptides, or hydrolysed collagen, are easily digestible, pure and bioavailable forms of protein. Unhealthy guts often struggle to properly absorb nutrients from food sources – especially proteins. Collagen peptides are already broken down to their most minor molecular structure and are ready to be used by the body.

Two essential amino acids in collagen, glycine and glutamine, may benefit digestive health. They are essential elements for rebuilding the tissue that lines our digestive tracts. Glycine helps tame inflammation, especially for people suffering from inflammatory gut conditions like IBS.

What is the best collagen powder for digestive health and bloating?

Collagen is so easy to add to any diet and lifestyle routine.

A high-quality collagen peptide powder can be stirred directly into hot or cold foods or drinks without affecting taste or flavour. Simply adding a serving to your coffee, smoothie, soup, etc., may put you on a path towards healing!

Our 100% pure hydrolysed Bovine Collagen and Marine Collagen protein powders are excellent types of collagen you can incorporate into your healthy eating regime. However, if you’re after a purpose-developed collagen supplementation, you must try Digestive Enzyme Collagen Powder.

A powerful probiotic blend supercharged with 15 excellent nutrients, including LactosporeⓇ Bacillus Coagulans, Liquorice Root, Slippery Elm, and Acacia Fibre, this is a firm favourite at Edible Health. Our loyal customers turn to this product to assist with better metabolism, increased stamina, reduced bloating, maintaining gut tract integrity and more.

5 Additional Tips to Help Support Your Gut

Remove inflammatory foods

If you’re dealing with digestive system issues, temporarily removing problematic foods may help to alleviate symptoms and give your gut time to heal.

There are various “elimination” diets. Most remove the most common allergens, such as gluten, dairy, corn, soy and sugar. Removing these foods can help reduce overall inflammation in the body and the gut. But remember to maintain plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables!

Incorporate therapeutic foods + supplements

Increasing the amount of “gut-friendly” foods in your diet can be as impactful as removing harmful ones. If you’re dealing with a lot of stomach upset, ginger and turmeric are hugely helpful in settling nausea.

Adding fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, or kombucha can also help repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria. As we’ve already mentioned, collagen is easy to add to your routine and is one of the only supplements that aids your gut in repairing itself.

Introduce probiotics supplements

An unhealthy gut is often the result of an imbalance of good and bad gut bacteria. Taking different probiotic strains can help repopulate the gut with a healthier balance of helpful critters.

Lower your stress levels

Unfortunately, anxiety or stress can trigger our immune system to attack the gut lining. Our bodies often power through our resources of glutamine in an attempt to inhibit stress.

However, we also need glutamine as a fuel source and building block for gut cells. Our bodies often can’t cope with the need for both! When we can lower stress, our gut is often capable of finding its way back, and our mental health is in a much better state as well.

Practice quality sleep hygiene

Sleep is one of the most healing practices for the human body. It allows for all sorts of essential, restorative functions to occur.

Improve your sleep by altering the temperature in your room, turning off your technology a few hours before bedtime and implementing a regular sleeping schedule.

A healthy digestive system is essential to living a long and healthy life. Healing your gut can be a drawn-out process, but it's worth the effort.

Combine the best products for gut health with the best practices. You will then be well on your way to making your belly a happier place!

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The information we have provided herewith, and all linked materials, are not intended nor should they be construed as medical advice. Moreover, the information herewith should not be used as a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and consult your General Practitioner for advice specific for you.

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