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You may be surprised to learn that collagen and metabolism are very closely connected. How? Well, collagen is a protein and, as such, it builds and maintains lean muscle mass. Muscles draw energy and nutrients from food, so generally speaking, the more muscle you have, the greater your need is to metabolise efficiently. Now, although a fast metabolism may link to a diet with collagen, it is important to remember that everybody is different.

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Can collagen help you lose weight?

We have many clients who take our collagen for weight loss, and whilst there are no conclusive studies on taking collagen powder for weight loss, it does make perfect sense. Why? Because protein is renowned for helping us feel full, and Edible Health collagen is 100% pure protein (and nothing else). Protein typically makes us feel satiated, so many turn to collagen supplements for weight loss. Also, given that protein helps maintain and support our muscles, which burn energy, it also makes sense that collagen boosts metabolism because hungry muscles need feeding!

Does collagen help you lose belly fat?

The Edible Health Collagen Code demonstrates that we will never mislead you with marketing BS. So, don’t believe the collagen cowboys when they tell you collagen can help you specifically lose belly fat. Belly fat can result from numerous factors that are not just related to diet - including stress, hormones and toxicity, among many others. But using collagen as part of your daily health routine can help your body heal, grow, repair, rejuvenate and rebalance, which can support weight loss and fat metabolism.

How much collagen do I need daily to lose weight?

Adding collagen to your daily meals or taking collagen as a homemade meal replacement shake or smoothie can support weight loss by keeping you full and boosting your metabolism. Our recommended daily serving size is 13 grams, around two tablespoons or thereabouts. Simply add our collagen protein powder to your tea, coffee, smoothie, porridge, yoghurt, stew, soup,, or however you most enjoy. You can even use it as part of a keto diet or fasting regime! We don’t suggest using liquid collagen for weight loss, collagen pills for weight loss or collagen tablets for weight loss. Firstly, the collagen dose is much lower than with powders - sometimes 13 times lower. Secondly, they nearly always contain artificial sweeteners and additives, which can hinder weight loss and harm the gut. For example, some use stevia and claim this is natural, yet all commercially produced stevia is bleached. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Does collagen increase metabolism?

As we mentioned earlier, the unique amino acids in collagen help maintain muscles. Healthy muscles burn energy, which, in turn, increases metabolism. In addition, by keeping our joints and tendons healthy, movement can come more easily. So perhaps that run in the park, kayak on the lake or a round of golf becomes more pleasure than pain, and the more we exercise, the more our metabolism is boosted.

Which collagen helps with weight loss?

We believe our Edible Health range provides the best collagen powders for weight loss. That’s largely because our Bovine and Marine collagen protein powders are exactly that - pure collagen with nothing else added. No stevia, no preservatives and no artificial flavourings or sweeteners. This way, your body consumes nothing other than  100% pure collagen peptides for weight loss. So the best collagen for weight loss is, of course, Edible Health!