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Crackle, creak and pop - that’s the sound of a body that has not benefited from a daily serve of collagen for joints! That’s right - one of the best joint care supplements you can consider for aching, ageing or damaged joints is collagen. Why? Because collagen is actually a protein. In fact, it is the most prolific protein in the body, responsible for the building, maintenance and repair of our joints. However, as we age, we produce less and less collagen, and so many people seek to compensate for this with a quality collagen supplement.

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Does collagen help painful joints?

We are often asked if collagen can promote overall joint health and joint recovery from injury or wear and tear. Certainly, many of our customers take our collagen peptides for arthritis and joint pain. However, these positive testimonials are also supported by studies proving that collagen can play this role in managing joint pain. 

For example, a 2014 study of 94 women from the ages of 40-70, all experiencing knee joint problems associated with osteoarthritis, took collagen or a placebo daily for six months. The collagen-taking sample experienced a 24% reduction in discomfort by the end of the trial, suggesting that collagen reduces joint pain. Moreover, the same study demonstrated a 7% improvement in knee joint function for the collagen-taking sample. We recommend any of our Edible Health collagen powder for knee pain - try for yourself!

Which collagen is best for joints?

Knowing how painful ageing joints can be (and recognising the role collagen could play in mitigating this discomfort), Edible Health developed our Anti-Ageing Collagen Powder, which we believe is the best collagen for joints. Why? 

With 100% pure hydrolysed bovine collagen, our Anti-Ageing blend contains a potent punch of additional active ingredients specifically chosen for their renowned abilities to target signs of ageing, including compromised joint health. Think powerful natural agents such as Sodium Hyaluronate (lubricant), Rutin (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant), Vitamin C (anti-inflammatory), Resveratrol (decreases pro-inflammatories), Vitamin E (may help stimulate growth), Methylsulfonyl-methane (may help alleviate pain) and Riboflavin (may reduce levels of markers of inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis).

Our collagen powder drink recipes are a great way to take collagen supplements, so why not check them out on our blog? Just remember - persistence is key.

What does collagen do for your joints?

To understand the role of collagen for joint recovery and mobility, we first need to look at cartilage. Cartilage is the flexible, robust tissue that protects our joints by acting as a shock absorber. As we age, we naturally experience wear and tear of this cartilage. Some of us develop osteoarthritis, and others may experience degradation through injury. As the years go by, we also experience ageing-related loss of collagen. All these result in our cartilage losing integrity. The joint begins to break down, and bones start to change, a process that causes considerable stiffness, discomfort and inflammation. 

So, how can a collagen supplement aid joint recovery, help rebuild cartilage and improve joint mobility

Aggrecan and type 2 collagen are key components in the development of joint cartilage. Unpublished data from a 2011 in-vitro study examined primary cartilage cells cultured in the presence of varying concentrations of collagen for eight days. The study demonstrated the collagen’s ability to stimulate the production of both these components. Our customers who take collagen for joint health do so to encourage the production and preservation of the cartilage area. So, be sure to take collagen for healthy cartilage! 

How much collagen per day for joints?

We suggest a daily collagen intake of 17g of our Anti-Ageing Collagen blend, which is about two generous tablespoons, depending on the size of your spoon! There is no best time to have a collagen supplement. However, what is key is developing a collagen routine to suit your lifestyle so that it becomes a quick, easy and convenient part of your everyday routine. So, it's up to you whether you want to take your collagen in a smoothie, with your tea or coffee, in a pie, salad dressing or straight-up in water! That’s the beauty of our collagen powder; it is so versatile. Just remember that if you take Anti-Ageing Collagen, a blend of collagen and other superfood ingredients, it doesn’t dissolve so easily in water like our plain collagen powders. Whilst you can take it in water, we suggest you add it to some nut milk or your smoothie, porridge or even yoghurt and mix it in. We provide full instructions on our labels, but by all means, contact us if you have questions!