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Oh Rapanuzel, Rapunzel - do you take collagen for hair? Alas, many of us are not born with flowing locks directly from a fantasy tale. Moreover, as stress, age, poor diet, pollution, and other challenging influences work against us, our once voluminous, healthy-looking hair can become thin, dry, lacklustre, and even fall out. As a result, many of our customers turn to collagen for hair growth. An essential protein for the building, repair and maintenance of our hair follicles, collagen for hair loss is one of the most popular reasons people buy Edible Health.

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Can collagen help hair loss?

Aside from an actual hair transplant, we don’t believe there is anything on the market that will truly reverse hair loss (we’re not going to serve you beauty BS). However, we do believe taking collagen for hair loss, or perhaps even helping to prevent the experience in the first place, is worthwhile. A study of women aged 45-60 years with myriad hair types experienced improved hair strength after taking collagen daily. This and our incredible collagen testimonials reinforce our belief that collagen helps with hair loss. So, what’s the best collagen for hair loss? Whether you’re male or female, whether you prefer Edible Health Bovine Collagen or Edible Health Marine Collagen, all Edible Health collagen powders have the potential to be your best collagen supplement for hair loss. That’s because all of our products are 100% natural and made from the most premium quality ingredients available, using state-of-the-art manufacturing. So, if you’re looking for collagen for hair loss, you’ve certainly landed

Should you use collagen for hair?

Using collagen in the form of a supplement can support the body to manage hair health. As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen supplements provide us with a very pure and very easy-to-absorb form of protein that contains a wealth of amino acids - the building blocks which enable our bodies to grow, heal, repair and strengthen all aspects of our health, including that of our hair. We have countless customers who rely on our collagen for a healthy scalp, hair regrowth, and even to reduce grey hairs. Why don’t you visit our customer testimonials or read about our real-life hair and collagen stories on our blog to see the effect of collagen on hair? Prepare for plenty of pics and praise about customers’ new-found soft and silky hair!

Does collagen thicken hair?

Many of our customers turn to collagen for hair thickening or to make hair grow faster. Indeed, collagen is perceived as a classic go-to when it comes to solutions for thinning hair. Why? Because our hair consists mainly of a protein called keratin, collagen contains an abundance of amino acids essential for the production of keratin - especially one amino acid in particular - proline. Given that our natural collagen production begins to decrease from our mid-twenties, hair can start thinning due to a lack of the amino acids required to produce keratin. Therefore, taking a high-quality and pure collagen supplement can boost our amino acids and support the body with keratin production and hair health and, therefore prevent hair thinning. Why not try for yourself?

Which collagen is best for hair?

Whether you take our Marine collagen or Bovine collagen, you’re benefiting from the best collagen products for hair. Our 100% hydrolyzed marine collagen and bovine collagen are manufactured in a unique way that means they can be broken down and absorbed very quickly and easily by the body, letting all those incredible amino acids work their wonder! The great thing about either of these pure products is that they don’t come with a collagen powder flavour or other nasty additives that can be detrimental to health. Unlike other supplemental pills, liquids or powders, our pure hydrolyzed collagen benefits from 100% natural collagen production. No flavours, no nasties, no BS, as we like to say! So you can enjoy our collagen in drinks, porridge, cereals, salad dressings, baking, whatever takes your fancy! Your hair is sure to love you for it!