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Collagen for nails has to be one of the biggest and best benefits experienced across the board by our customers. Like so many other parts of our body, our nails need collagen to grow and maintain strength and integrity. As we age and our natural collagen production levels begin to ebb, we can see telltale signs beginning to develop on our hands and feet. Nails can become weak and brittle and can develop ridges that look unhealthy and unattractive. But that’s where a collagen supplement for nails is required, and we have just the answer! Whether you want a pure collagen powder or a potent blend with added benefits, we’ve got the perfect collagen for you.

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Does collagen help nails grow?

Whether or not they originally started taking collagen for nails, many of our customers experience collagen-related nail growth after taking our powder daily for a month or so. We would say collagen for nail growth has to be one of the most common benefits our customers experience! Aside from nails, they also enjoy a diverse range of collagen supplement benefits ranging from improvements in immunity, gut, skin, hair, muscles, joints and general health benefits such as enhanced cognitive function, sleep, and support with exercise and injury recovery. But kitty-cat strong nails would have to be one of the most commonly experienced benefits. 

So, what is the best collagen for nails? The answer is Edible Health Collagen Powder. Why? Because all our collagen products contain 100% pure hydrolysed collagen, which is exactly what nails need to grow strong and healthy. 

Does collagen help strengthen nails?

We believe collagen powder is good for nails. Why? Because collagen is the building block for our bodies, and we need it to build and maintain everything from our skin, hair and nails to gut health, muscles, cartilage, organs and more. Although we naturally produce collagen, our ability decreases with age. You can see the tell-tale signs by way of brittle or weak nails.  That’s why we need collagen for nail strength - to compensate for what our body naturally stops producing as efficiently. Strengthen your nails with collagen by taking any one of our powders daily. Over time, you should experience some of the classic collagen benefits for nails. What do these include? Improved strength, faster growth, decreased brittleness and even less frequent visits to the nail bar for upkeep. If you start taking our collagen peptides for nails and, like many of our customers, you experience the benefits, we’d love to hear from you!

Does collagen thicken nails?

As collagen experts, we are 100% committed to telling you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! We won’t ply you with marketing BS just to get a sale. Our loyal customers who love our collagen products report stronger nails instead of thicker ones. However, if by thicker nails you mean nails that are less likely to break, crack or look weak, collagen can ‘thicken’ nails! Many of our customers use collagen for brittle nails. They tell us how it improves strength and integrity, giving them kitty-cat claws they love. So, whether you want Bovine Collagen or Marine Collagen for nails, we’ve got you covered!