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The best collagen for skin is made from 100% pure hydrolysed collagen and does not include any unnecessary additives, artificial sweeteners or marketing BS. That’s why the best collagen supplement for skin is Edible Health. We maintain total transparency, truth, and traceability across everything we do and as a result, our customers trust that our collagen for skin will genuinely help their complexion look healthier, more radiant and glowy. It’s what we hear time and time again from happy customers. So, whether you are after collagen for mature skin or you’re looking to maintain your youthful appearance for longer, Edible Health can help you do it!

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What does collagen do for skincare? 

Collagen and skincare go hand in hand. We really can’t downplay the importance of collagen for skin. The most abundant protein in the body, collagen comprises essential amino acids, which in turn are the building blocks for our body. Regarding our skin, collagen plays a role in maintaining hydration, elasticity and strength. As we age and our natural collagen production levels decrease, those tell-tale signs begin to appear through fine lines, wrinkles, sagging or crepey skin, liver spots, etc. That’s precisely why we turn to collagen powder for skin

How do you increase collagen in your skin? 

If you’re in your mid-twenties or older, your body no longer produces as much collagen naturally as it once did. This is why so many of our customers turn to our powder collagen supplements for skin. Our collagen powders act as supplements to help skin elasticity, providing your body with the essential amino acids it needs to renew and repair skin cells (not to mention hair, nails, joints, cartilage, gut lining and more!). If you’re looking for collagen products for skin, we recommend a daily serving size of around two tablespoons of Edible Health collagen powder. If you’re specifically interested in collagen for the face, neck and decolletage, then we also recommend boosting your skin regime with our Edible Health VIP collagen moisturiser, getting collagen to work for you on both the inside and the outside. Our VIP collagen cream has been developed for all skin types, so is suitable for dry and/or sensitive complexions too. 

Do collagen supplements work for wrinkles? 

As we all know, wrinkles are linked to a lack of hydration, excessive sun exposure,  poor diet, lack of sleep and exercise, stress, pollution and other such contributory factors. Studies show5 that orally taking collagen supplements significantly increases collagen density in the dermis and decreases the fragmentation of the dermal collagen network. Whether you prefer Bovine or Marine collagen for skin does not matter - they work their magic in equal ways. 

How long does it take for collagen to work on wrinkles? 

Many of our customers turn to collagen for dry skin. The studies mentioned above show that taking an oral collagen peptide supplement significantly increased skin hydration after eight weeks. However, it is essential to remember that we are all different. As a result, some people may experience results sooner, others later. It is also possible for collagen to improve our internal health, which does not always show signs of improvement externally. Consistency and persistence are the keys to success! 

Can collagen reverse wrinkles?

Please don’t buy into the hype - NOTHING can reverse wrinkles. But you can hydrate and plump your skin, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our customers turn to collagen for skin treatment because of its proven skin benefits and skin improvement. So, if you want to transform your skin, then try Edible Health collagen today and discover the possible collagen skincare benefits that await. We genuinely believe our 100% natural powders are the best collagen for skin - find out for yourself!