Digestive Enzyme Collagen Powder

Collagen blend ideal for improving gut health, digestion, inflammation

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Digestive Enzyme Supplements - Benefits 

A digestive health supplement collagen powder for the gut that heals & seals, improves digestion, reduces bowel inflammation & food sensitivities, supports normal cognitive & immune system function, promotes metabolism and muscle function.

Designed specifically for improving digestion, bowel inflammation and general gut health, this premium collagen powder blend enables you to meet all of your supplemental nutrition needs in one money-saving, convenient, and easy serve.


The fresh, natural pineapple flavour (from freeze-dried fruit) is sending customers into a taste bud tailspin for all the right reasons! This HAS to be the most delicious collagen available. Enjoy its tropical tang simply with water, or add it as a zesty punch to your favourite smoothie recipe. It won’t disappoint! 

Affordable & Convenient 

Our premium collagen powder blend provides all of your supplemental nutrition requirements in one easy, convenient and money-saving serve.

Additional Good Health Ingredients 

Edible Health Digestive Enzyme Collagen contains a unique blend of our Premium Bovine Collagen Hydrolysate with amino acids, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, triglycerides and herbs. The digestive supplements help to break down the collagen so that it’s more easily and quickly absorbed by the body. 


Taking Prescribed Vitamin D and Turmeric Already? 

The daily recommended dose of Vitamin D is 4,000 - 5,000iU. The recommended serving size of DEC contains 1,000 iU. Therefore, if your prescribed Vitamin D is up to 3,000 - 4,000iU, then taking DEC as well will not exceed the daily amount recommended. 

The average serving size of DEC contains 100mg of turmeric. Some studies are based on recommended doses upwards of 2,000mg per day. Provided your current dose is not excessive, then again you should be able to incorporate DEC into your wellness plan. That said, it is always best to check in with your GP about your own specific medical situation, just to be sure! 


    See nutrition information table below for full list of ingredients. 



    Convenient & Easy to Use Collagen Supplement

    DESIGNED FOR BLENDING INTO SHAKES, SMOOTHIES and JUICES. Firstly, mix 15g into a paste with a fat-based liquid such as milk or oil until smooth and then add the digestive enzyme powder supplement into your food and drink and mix well. STIR, SHAKE OR WHISK THOROUGHLY BEFORE CONSUMING.

    Don't forget to ensure you have adequate Vitamin C in your diet to support collagen production and please note that this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment.


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    Digestive Enzyme Collagen Powder-Edible Health
    Digestive Enzyme Collagen Powder-Edible Health
    Digestive Enzyme Collagen Powder-Edible Health
    Digestive Enzyme Collagen Powder-Edible Health
    Digestive Enzyme Collagen Powder-Edible Health
    Digestive Enzyme Collagen Powder-Edible Health