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We’re big believers in beauty at any age and we know collagen has a big role to play in this. Why? 

What is collagen? 

Made up of 18 amino acids that essentially serve as the building blocks for our body, collagen heals, grows, repairs and rejuvenates. Until our mid-twenties, we naturally produce collagen. 

So why do we age if we produce collagen? 

Because after our mid-twenties, our natural collagen production starts to slow down and signs of ageing begin to appear

• Sagging, wrinkling, crepey or lined skin 

• Thinning, greying of lacklustre hair 

• Brittle nails

• Slow memory recall, brain fog 

• Joints that go crackle and pop 

• Slower recovery from illness, injury or working out

Pure collagen powder - a natural helping hand to fight signs of ageing

When taken as a supplement, collagen can provide our body with a very pure and easy-to-absorb form of protein to support healthy skin, hair, nails, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, organs, illness, injury, fitness, exercise and even gut health!

Zuhal takes Edible Health Bovine Collagen for her overall wellbeing. She’s grown plenty of new baby hairs, her skin feels more elastic and her nails are stronger. 

Long-time Edible Health Marine Collagen customer and elite athlete Louise recently achieved her personal best triple-jump distance, becoming European Masters Champion… At the age of 55+!

Why Edible Health collagen? 

Now in their 50s, our founders Corinna and Simon are sticklers for quality and value. As such, we use a state-of-the-art manufacturing process to create a pure collagen powder of exceptional quality and potency. Working off an entire month’s supply, our 400g pure Bovine collagen is 15 times cheaper and 13 times stronger than any capsule on the market, as well as three times stronger than shots.

We are free from:

• BSE Hormones

• Gluten

• Sugar

• Soy

• Dairy


• Lactose

We are suitable for:


• Paleo

• Whole30

• Kosher (collagen ingredient is certified)

• Halal (collagen ingredient is certified)

• WADA compliant

• Pescatarian (marine only)

Remove labels and our packaging is 100% fully recyclable (we also have refill pouches once you’ve purchased your first tub!).