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Can Collagen Reduce Cellulite - We Hear From An 'Experienced Woman' 

Can Collagen Reduce Cellulite - We Hear From An 'Experienced Woman' 

Shortly after lockdown, Lizanne Harris joined some mates for a night out. She’d dressed in a slip because, since taking collagen, she noticed the cellulite on her arms had disappeared. Lizanne was feeling great. Sat at the pub that night were friends and friends of friends. They all got chatting, and someone asked Lizanne her age. Upon hearing the answer (51), several commented how fabulous she looked. 

The reason, Lizanne explained, was collagen. She was taking it daily “for vanity,” and it was delivering results. Someone in the group turned his head at this news. 

My partner and I own a collagen company. You should try our collagen!” he said. 

“No!” replied Lizanne, adamant. “I take the best collagen. I am not straying from it. Nothing else is better than Edible Health,” she said. 

“That’s good to hear,” grinned Simon. “That’s the company Corinna, and I own!”

Meeting Lizanne Harris is like coming into close range with a happy hurricane. She’s a million miles an hour. I can’t help but think the collagen isn’t just having an influence on the outside - surely it’s powering some of that effervescent, neon-lit energy as well. From travelling with loose collagen in a sandwich bag (“I’m amazed I’ve never been arrested!”) and empowering women to responsible fashion and marrying her husband after meeting him just four weeks earlier (“then we divorced… But then we married again!”), Lizanne sits down with me and covers the lot. 

Lizanne is gorgeous.

As our social media manager observed, she’s the kind of go-getter who has us wondering if the rest of us are giving and getting the most out of life in the same way she is. And it sounds like it’s been a life lived to the full, too. Former fashion director of Cosmopolitan, Lizanne has worked for all the big fashion mags and spent years travelling to exotic locations from Cape Town to Miami to manage shoots. 

Stylish mature lady dressed in elegant onesie

She’s recently joined sustainable brands Roama, Woolovers and Pure Collection. Passionate about the environment and the fair treatment of animals and workers, Lizanne is a woman on a mission. She wants to see a reduction in plastics and cites the fashion industry as one of the most prolific culprits. From chemicals required to make clothing to plastic microbeads released during the clothes washing process into our waterways (“there’s now even plastic in our poop! It’s all just part of the cycle”), Lizanne is shouting from the rooftops about a more responsible, caring approach to fashion.  

Mature, healthy woman dressed in Roama pausing from exercise

It doesn’t stop there. Lizanne bubbles with excitement about fashion that embraces and celebrates ageing women (“I like to call them ‘experienced women’”). Women in their forties and beyond don’t want to be targeted by brands that profile women half their age. They’re just not relatable - we’ve been there, done that, now what’s for us? It’s why you won’t spot a crop top at Roama. Instead, you’ll find super-comfy gear designed to cover up lumps and bumps and make women feel good and look fantastic. 

But do you know what - why hear it from us? Tune into the recording of our natter with Lizanne. Trust us - 20 minutes with this powerhouse of passion and personality will put a smile on your dial and have you zinging for all the right reasons. 

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