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Collagen for injury recovery

Collagen For Injury Recovery

Collagen for injury recovery

Have you ever encouraged someone else to adopt your own positive lifestyle choices because they worked so well for you? 

It’s human nature, isn’t it, to offer a suggestion or recommendation? When Esther’s husband Marc badly broke his hip, she thought immediately of collagen for injury recovery. We was sure that sharing her Edible Health collagen powder might help him heal. Little did she know just how big an effect it would have… But first, let’s find out why Esther has our Bovine Collagen Powder in her cupboard, to begin with. 

Pregnancy and back pain 

Although she is a small-framed woman, Esther has given birth to three very big babies. So big that she has been plagued by terrible back pain since her very first pregnancy. Nothing she did ever alleviated the problem. It was so intense that the simple movement of bending down to pick something off the floor was a multi-step, laboured process. Having been dogged by pain for twelve years, Esther resigned herself to the possibility of a lifelong struggle.  

Knee niggle 

Then one day, out of nowhere, Esther’s knee also began to click. Every step she took, she would hear and feel a click. Her cousin had a similar niggle in her knee, so Esther thought it was a genetic quirk. Although it wasn’t causing pain, it annoyed her. Esther began to research and thought collagen might be beneficial for restoring tissue around her knee. She sourced a brand and started taking a daily dose of collagen. Nothing happened. She persevered for around six months, but still, her knee continued to click with every step she took. 

Collagen for pain relief  

Esther was convinced collagen should help her, so she started wondering whether the problem was, in fact, the brand of product she was using. Perhaps the quality was not there? She searched for alternatives and came across Edible Health’s Bovine Collagen. Determined to give it one last go, she placed an order. Within weeks the knee niggle had disappeared. More compelling, however, was Esther’s back injury. It, too, had vanished. The recurring pain just wasn’t there anymore. Esther was astounded. She was convinced in taking collagen for back pain. She placed another order. 

Collagen for injury recovery

Collagen for broken bone recovery 

The bovine collagen was very much Esther’s daily ritual for herself until her husband Marc’s cycling accident. 

He was out riding his bike one day when he came off and badly broke his hip. Three screws were required, followed by extensive physiotherapy. The prognosis was fairly grim; it would be a long and slow road to recovery. It certainly started that way, with Marc wheelchair-bound. Luckily, his physiotherapist lived just across the street, so at least that would be reasonably convenient. However, Esther had an ace card up her sleeve. Whilst Marc was still in hospital (he was bedridden there for a week following the accident), she suggested some of her bovine collagen might help recovery. It had worked an unexpected miracle for her, so surely it might help with injury recovery as well? The couple proposed the idea to Marc’s doctor, who saw no reason not to incorporate the powder into his daily diet. 

Collagen for injury recovery 

Marc was expected to use the wheelchair for several weeks; the break was that significant. Indeed, aged 65, he was given three months’ sick leave because it was assumed his recovery would be that long. A Production Manager for a food factory responsible for producing 3,000 daily hospital and retirement village meals, three months off was not an ideal scenario. Responsible for over 100 staff and with the huge pressures of lockdown, Marc really needed to be at work. ‘They’ say there’s no such thing as miracles, but, at Edible Health, hearing numerous stories from our vast array of wonderful customers, we beg to differ. 

And Marc is no exception. Within one week of returning home, Marc had parked the wheelchair, and he was already on crutches crossing the road to his physiotherapist. The medical team was astounded by the speed and quality of his recovery. Esther was not quite as surprised as everyone else, having already experienced her own double physical miracle. She believes the combination of regular physio, rest and daily collagen helped her husband’s rapid recovery, and Marc entirely agrees. 

Their household could have continued with the status quo. They could have resigned themselves to constant pain, seemingly innocuous niggles and prolonged recovery from a shocking injury. Instead, Esther took healing into her own hands for them both, and they couldn’t be more impressed with the outcome. Needless to say, the bovine collagen in the pantry gets a double-dipping every day now! 

The information we have provided herewith and all linked materials are not intended nor should they be construed as medical advice. Moreover, the information herewith should not be used as a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and consult your General Practitioner for advice specific for you.

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