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Collagen For Nails - How to Make Nails Stronger and Thicker

Author: Olivia Mansson 

If you have weak, brittle, constantly breaking nails or lust after the ultimate kitty-cat claws, we recommend you look into collagen for nails

An essential protein in the maintenance and repair of nails (as well as hair, skin, muscles, gut and much, much more!), collagen supplements for nails put the fabulous into fingers. But how and why? And what’s the ideal serving recommendation? Here we share all the information you could want to put your best nails forward! 

"What a fantastic product. I suffered from weak nails so thought I would try it. Back for another purchase as since using it my nails are much stronger and break less. After doing some research, this one seems the best brand on the market for value and results. Highly recommended."

- Diane, Edible Health customer 


What is the best collagen for nails? 

If you’re asking yourself what is the best supplement for nails, check out our customer reviews. Here, you will see how our fellow wellbeing warriors have experienced collagen for nail growth and how delighted they are by the results. We’re confident that any Edible Health collagen protein powder could play a part in your quest for nail growth and repair. However, we want to introduce you to our stellar supplement for nails and all things beauty… 


Anti-ageing - the best collagen powder blend for nails 

Our Anti-Ageing Collagen contains the same potent levels of collagen as all our other powders (more on these below). So why do we recommend it as the best collagen for nails? Because it has friends with benefits! 

Additional anti-ageing ingredients include Biotin, or vitamin B7, which helps form keratin, the main protein in nails, and zinc, which allows proteins to grow and remain strong.  Add to that resveratrol, rutin, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc and more, and you can see why this is our ultimate beauty-enhancing trio for nails, skin and hair. And who doesn’t love a three-in-one deal?!  

Even better - Anti-Ageing contains all-natural freeze-dried raspberry powder, giving this a delightful zingy berry taste. 

Because we’ve added a treasure trove of additional goodness warriors into this blend, this particular collagen does not instantly dissolve like our pure powders. As such, you need to stir approx 15g to 16g (two generous tablespoons) with milk or oil of your choice. Create a paste and make delicious collagen drinks like smoothies and milkshakes, or pimp your porridge with some raspberry delight! 

Before and after edible health Collagen Nail growth

The best collagen powders with no added ingredients 

Want great nails without flavoured product? No problems! 

Select from pure Bovine Collagen Powder (our fabulous original and first-ever collagen powder) and Marine Collagen Powder, which are neutral in scent and taste. Containing 18 essential amino acids of the highest absorption quality, these are 13 times stronger than any capsules on the market. 

These pure collagen powders with no additional ingredients dissolve easily and quickly into food and liquids. So - stir in 13g (about two tablespoons) into your hot beverage, over porridge, into casseroles, soups or baked yummies! 


What are the collagen benefits for nails? 

A clinical trial in 2017 found that “collagen peptides treatment promoted an increase of 12% nail growth rate and a decrease of 42% in the frequency of broken nails” among a sample of 25 people. Certainly, our customers rave about the benefits of collagen for everything from their hair, skin, and nails to their energy levels, muscle recovery, and general well-being. 

Beauty boost 

Edible Health customers rave about Edible Health being the best collagen for nail growth. We’ve received many emails from loyal wellbeing warriors who believe that taking our collagen supplements has improved nail strength, helped them grow faster, and made them look healthier. 

Time and money-saving 

Manicured hands up if you spend a lot of your life - and salary - at the beauty salon getting manis and pedis? We hear you! However, when your nails naturally look great, there’s less reason to maintain the grooming regime. A quick (and low-cost!) file, buff and polish in front of your latest HBO Series favourite can keep hands looking fabulous until a proper, less frequent professional pamper is required. 

Avoid ultraviolet rays 

Some UV and LED lamps emit low ultraviolet radiation, and organisations such as Cancer Council Australia recommend erring on the side of caution and applying SPF30+ cream 20 minutes before a salon visit or wearing fingerless gloves. But - do you even need to bother with the hassle if you’re taking collagen for nail growth?! Refer to our point above! 

Does collagen make nails stronger? 

Like much of our body, healthy nails require collagen for repair and maintenance. Many of our customers say nail strength and quality are some of the first positive outcomes they experience from taking our collagen supplement. Typically, they begin to see signs after about a month of daily use. 

Does collagen help nail ridges? 

We recommend you take our collagen for nail strength and then rely on a regular nail buffer to help minimise or manage nail ridges. 

How fast do nails grow? 

Fingernails typically grow around 3 millimetres each month. 

Your general wellbeing, diet, age, exposure to stress, genetics and nail care can all influence the rate at which your nails grow. Edible Health isn’t into instant fixes and one-trick ponies - they very rarely last the distance. Collagen and nails are only one slice of the pie - taking a holistic approach to your nail care (and overall health) is the best approach for sustainable beauty outcomes. 

Ask us anything about our collagen nail supplements 

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions about this article or our products, drop us an email. We guarantee you won’t get a generic templated response - you’ll hear from a real-life, caring human being on our team! 

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About our Author Olivia: 

Olivia is Edible Health’s much-loved Social Media Manager and a long-time collagen convert. Since she first began taking our Marine Collagen, she has seen visible improvements in her (glorious) hair, nails and general vitality. Olivia’s wellness warrior philosophy includes self-care through great nutrition, yoga practice and horse riding, much of which she shares with our wider Edible Health family through social media.  


The information we have provided and all linked materials are not intended, nor should they be construed as medical advice. Moreover, this information should not be used as a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and consult your General Practitioner for advice specific to you.

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