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collagen myths

Collagen - Myths

collagen myths

Every day our team here at Edible Health receives so many questions about collagen - what is it? How does it work? Does it really work? When will I see results? Where will I see results? Our FAQ is a fantastic resource that provides detailed responses to a lot of these questions. 

However, every now and again, we get queries from people that suggest some misinformation about collagen pervades. 

So, we’re going to set the record straight. 

Our team of collagen myth-busters has compiled a list of the most common misnomers and misunderstandings regarding these powerful peptides. We’ve consulted world-leading manufacturers and worked with their experts to break down the technical jargon and serve up the facts. We hope this information provides you with the detail, assurance and confidence you need to make lifestyle and health decisions that are right for you. 

Collagen Myths we will be busting for you:

Your health and well-being is important to us, and motivates us to always provide the very best products, as well as the very best information. We hope this proves useful to you. 



We remind you that nothing herewith should be viewed as medical advice, and that you should consult your GP or alternative medicine practitioner  if you have a specific health concern. 

The information we have provided herewith, and all linked materials, are not intended nor should they be construed as medical advice. Moreover, the information herewith should not be used as a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and consult your General Practitioner for advice specific for you.

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