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Digestive Enzyme Collagen - Why We Evolved

Having replaced our Gut Health collagen powder with the new and greatly improved Digestive Enzyme Collagen, we want to share the reasoning and rationale behind this evolution. It’s important our customers understand why we make changes (as infrequent as they are!) and why everything we do favours our customers first and foremost. 

Why Digestive Enzyme Collagen uses less turmeric  

First and foremost, please understand that the original Gut Health formula contained our premium collagen powder, and the collagen was never in question. The challenge was, in fact, our use of turmeric. Despite this being a powerful anti-inflammatory (hence its prolific use in Ayurvedic medicine), its potent taste did not agree with a vast number of our customers.  

We are a small, family run business that takes customer service and satisfaction extremely seriously, and we pride ourselves in listening to feedback and helping as many people as we possibly can. Many of our customers like to add their Edible Health collagen to coffee, porridge and smoothies, but Gut Health’s strong turmeric taste was proving unsuitable.  Also, many of the additional super nutrients in the blend were fat soluble, which compromised its solubility, meaning some customers struggled to get the powder to dissolve in certain drinks.

So, we were faced with two significant challenges - managing the taste of an incredibly effective natural ingredient and improving the solubility. 

Well, we love a challenge here at Edible Health!  

Freeze dried pineapple and its bromelain - our new superstar ingredient 

At Edible Health, it is paramount that every ingredient we use is 100% natural. We outright refuse to put anything artificial into our products - not even if it makes them taste or smell better. Your health, and the health of our planet, are not built on toxic shortcuts, and neither are we!

So, after extensive global research, we found a company that offered freeze dried, natural fruit powders. We checked and double-checked that no nasties were involved in the production process before setting about testing various fruits for their flavours and solubility. 

Following much trial and error, we discovered that pineapple worked fantastically. Not only did it create a more palatable flavour that could work in milkshakes, smoothies, porridge, yoghurt, sprinkled on ice cream or in baked goods etc, but it contains:

  • Bromelain, an enzyme which is fantastic at breaking down protein – a perfect partner for our collagen protein to support its digestion, assimilation and efficacy
  • Vitamin C, which is great for boosting collagen production within the body
  • Manganese for joints and osteoporosis
  • Plus a whole host of other nutrients that are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting – great for supporting gut health!

For the final cherry on top, so to speak, the pineapple improved product solubility. The blend still requires a little pre-mixing because of it’s powerful fat soluble nutrients but it’s so much easier now.

Pineapple cocktail with Digestive Enzyme Collagen powder in the background.

Why are Digestive Enzyme Collagen tubs 375g, instead of 400g? 

As we prepared for production, we encountered a major problem. For hygiene and food safety, we apply an induction heat seal to all our products. This process means the contents must not be filled beyond a certain point, or it may affect the sealing process.  The pineapple powder was denser, taking up more space in the tub, which meant that if we filled it to 400g, our induction heat seals would fail and the product would be unprotected.

Why have you reduced the Zinc and Vitamin D3 amounts? 

Our formula was not compliant with EU regulations, only UK regulations. Both our Zinc and Vitamin D3 levels were too high for European standards, even though they are totally acceptable for the UK. We had to cut Zinc down from 60mg to 25mg and D3 down from 2000iU to 1,000iU. If we did not adjust this, then we would have been breaking the law, so we had to comply.

So, am I getting less value for money?

Reducing the tub fill from 400g to 375g is a 6% reduction. However, we have actually increased the serving size from 13g to 15g which is a 15% increase. Plus the collagen per serving size has increased from 8g to 8.4g, which is a 5% increase.

Why are you charging the same price if there is a 6% reduction in tub size?

In terms of our margins we actually took a significant hit because the pineapple is so expensive. At £50+ per kilo and with 65 grams in each tub, it actually cost us an extra £3.25 to add the pineapple to our formula. Even with the 6% reduction and tiny savings from the turmeric, Zinc and Vitamin D3, we are actually reducing our margins. We stand by our mantra - “People Before Profits” - and improving this formula so we could help more people was more important to us.

We set a new industry standard for collagen known as The Collagen Code and we believe in truth, transparency, traceability and trust, which is why we are sharing all of this with you. We have nothing to hide. You won’t get any BS from us - guaranteed!

Orange juice and Edible Health Digestive Enzyme Collagen powder

Why the name change?

Unfortunately, due to the excessive and somewhat unnecessary regulations in our industry, we were forced to change the name from Gut Health to Digestive Enzyme collagen because any names that suggest a medical or health benefit would result in us being non-compliant and we could be shut down. Even though many of our competitors breach these regulations, we will never risk our business or our customers for the sake of words.


Instant success 

It’s been a scary process for us because, even with the improvements, we just didn’t know how our customers would feel about the new formula. However, we’re delighted by their response to Digestive Enzyme Collagen, with many telling us it’s the most delicious collagen they’ve ever tasted.

Wow, thank you!

Knowing that Digestive Enzyme Collagen has maintained Gut Health’s original benefits but improved its taste, solubility and value for money is something that fills us with huge pride.

We listened, we learned, we acted, and our customers can now enjoy an even better product. 

Have you tried Digestive Enzyme Collagen yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts about this and any of our other Edible Health collagen powders. Equally, if you have had a disappointing experience with our new Digestive Enzyme Collagen blend then please get in touch. We hope all the above shows just how seriously we take your feedback and how much we care about all of you!

The information we have provided herewith, and all linked materials, are not intended nor should they be construed as medical advice. Moreover, the information herewith should not be used as a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and consult your General Practitioner for advice specific for you. 

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