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collagen for broken bones

How Beryl's 'Best Friend' Broke Her Bones

collagen for broken bones

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This story begins with Beryl, grandmother of four in her 60s, standing in a field balanced on one leg, with one arm up in the air. 

Nope. She’s not practicing yoga. 

She’s just hanging around with the neighbour’s whippet waiting for her husband to come get her. However, unbeknownst to her she’s actually got a broken knee and a broken shoulder.  And it’s all because of Walt, their 40kg+ chocolate Labrador…

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It’s a walk in the park 

Beryl, her husband, Peter, Walt and the little whippet were out for a walk in the nearby national park. Walt and the whippet got on tremendously. However, whilst the Whippet was, well, as fast as a whippet, Walt was a little more aerodynamically challenged. But it didn’t stop the two of them from racing ahead, like excited dogs do when they’re out with mates and off the lead.

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Beryl was enjoying watching them chase each other around and having a whale of a time until suddenly, they turned to come back. The wee Whippet was racing at breaknet speed and Walt was trying his darndest to move his 40kg as if he weighed 4kg. His head was cocked and his eyes were on his target, trying desperately to close the gap. He was getting closer and closer to Beryl, hurtling forward like a canine Hulk. 

collagen for broken bones

An out-of-control mass of muscle 

They approached Beryl at pace and it soon became apparent that Walt was concentrating more on his sparring partner and less on his navigation. Beryl could see what was about to happen. She moved out of the path of his barrelling weight. But, at the precise moment she did that, Walt veered off-piste and ploughed into her. He smashed into her knee and the force and speed of impact sent her flying. Onto the ground she was thrown, her body surging with adrenaline. 

The crane pose, reinterpreted 

With Beryl being no match for a solid mass of chocolate Lab hurtling forward at whiplash pace, Walt came out of the ordeal relatively unscathed. Peter wasted no time grabbing him and racing straight  back to the car, leaving Beryl and the whippet where they were, pending subsequent rescue. As the adrenaline started to drift away, the pain set in. Whilst waiting for Peter to return, Beryl instinctively found herself moving off one leg, and raising one arm. She describes the pose, likening it to some kind of Karate Kid move. 

Perfectly poised in pain management, other nature-lovers walked by. 

“Good morning. Lovely day for it!” Beryl remarked. A good old-fashioned stiff upper lip indeed! 

collagen for broken bones

The damage 

After being rescued by Peter and a swift drive to the hospital, Beryl found herself as an in-patient for eight days. She suffered a tibial plateau fracture (broken knee) and broken shoulder. She underwent surgery and now has a fairly conspicuous six-inch titanium rod in her body. She needed physio treatment for at least three months and it was a solid six months before she was able to walk without assistance. That’s one walk in the park that won’t ever be forgotten. 

Walt, Walt, Walt… That is no way to show thanks to your master. 

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The recovery 

Beryl didn’t think the physiotherapy was making sufficient progress. So, after recommendations from family, she started to take collagen.  As a result, she noticed marked improvement in her flexibility. The pain wasn’t going away, but she could at least move a lot more freely. She continued to take it with her morning coffee, and put it in Peter’s cup, too. Not only did she notice her recovery speed up, but (now in her 60s) Beryl has noticed an improvement in the health of her nails and hair as well. She is convinced that collagen is responsible for helping her recovery. So much so in fact, that she thought Walt might benefit, too.

Yes, you read right - Walt got on the collagen as well!

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Collagen for dogs and cats

Now, as it turns out, Walt himself was no stranger to medical intervention. At the age of one he had developed elbow dysplasia. As a result, his bones were surgically broken by a vet and reset. This was done to give him quality of life, but it did mean that he was even more vulnerable to arthritis, a health bugbear for many an ageing Labrador. After her positive experience taking collagen for her injuries, Beryl decided to serve Walt a daily serve as well. Then, just to be sure no one in the family felt left out,  she thought it might also help their cat, Milo. 

Beryl is convinced Walt is moving well thanks in part to his daily serve of collagen. In fact, she believes that everyone is all the better for it. Whereas Peter and Beryl take their collagen in their daily coffee, and Milo the moggy has his in his food, Walt has been known to lick it clean straight out of the bowl. 

He’s most certainly a stereotypical Labrador… 

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