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collagen for eczema

Natural Eczema Treatment

collagen for eczema

At the age of 27, Anna experienced her first ‘flare up’. 

It’s a term she uses frequently when discussing the eczema on her hands. Until that time, she hadn’t suffered any skin condition whatsoever. Then, all of a sudden, the skin on her hands became taught, tight and inflamed. In the early days, she would apply cream in an effort to alleviate the burning sensation and try to calm the angry skin. It wasn’t enough. She went to a doctor and was prescribed steroid cream. It had a slight, fleeting impact, but ultimately delivered no improvements.

Ankylosing spondylitis 

Shortly afterwards, Anna began to experience other more significant health issues. She was diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis, or AS for short. A form of arthritis, it can be particularly prevalent in younger adults and presents as painful stiffening of the bones. If that weren’t enough, she was also soon after diagnosed with endometriosis. No surprises, therefore, that these health concerns took front-and-centre when Anna met with her doctor. However, as Murphy’s Law would have it, her hands never experienced a ‘flare up’ to coincide with these appointments, so her skin condition was brushed under the carpet. Equally frustrating, the hands were never investigated as symptoms of a deeper underlying problem. 

collagen for eczema

Eczema - a life sentence? 

It didn’t stop. 
Anna’s hands went from being dry and tight to flaky, eventually escalating to bleeding, open wounds. These open lesions would last anywhere from two weeks to several months and were incredibly painful. Furthermore, they were embarrassing for Anna. She was hyper aware of how her hands looked and would often wear gloves. She removed her wedding rings and tried other potions and lotions, but nothing worked. The years clocked by, Anna and her husband had two babies. She resigned herself; this was her fate. These hands would burden her for life, and she would just need to accept it. Then her mum showed her a newspaper article. 

Collagen and eczema

Anna’s mum was often looking for ideas and advice that would assist her daughter’s health conditions. Whilst reading the papers, she came across an article about bone broth helping to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. She cut it out and sent it to Anna. At the time, there was no flare up and so Anna set the article aside and, well, forgot about it. Later, she came across it again and this time it triggered her curiosity. She began researching bone broth online, and came across Edible Health. The more she read about collagen, the more she thought it could be worth trialling as a natural eczema treatment. She placed an order.

Does collagen help with eczema?

Within three weeks of taking the Bovine Collagen powder, Anna saw remarkable results. She was not cured outright, but her hands were looking better and healthier than they had in years. She continued taking the collagen daily in her cup of tea. It was tasteless and easy to add; an effortless step towards improvement. That was back in August 2020, and she’s not looked back since.

These days Anna is not wearing gloves and her hands are great, as evidenced in these photos. They’re fantastic, actually. She doesn’t feel like she has to hide them and, more significantly,they’re not causing her any pain at all. Anna never imagined this outcome would be possible and, when she shared her story with us, she still sounds a little disbelieving. But the evidence is there and we cannot be more delighted to hear of yet another story of how collagen has truly helped our beloved customers. 

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collagen for eczema

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