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Ricks Accident How to Rebuild Collagen in the Face

Rick's Accident: How Rick Rebuilt

Ricks Car Accident

When you hear of the horrific injuries Rick sustained, you might be surprised to learn he takes collagen for his skin. 

Plenty of our customers turn to collagen to help their bodies physically repair from trauma, but not Rick. He started taking Edible Health Marine Collagen because it felt like his face was growing a thick layer of second skin. Despite everything else that happened to him, this was driving him crazy. 

Rick’s horror car accident 

Rick remembers hopping into his car in January 2019 and then waking up in hospital from a coma two months later. Although nightmare flashes sometimes haunt him, he has no recollection of the events that occurred between sitting in his vehicle, impacting a motorway bridge at speed, being rescued by emergency helicopter and eventually waking up. 

Rick later learned the car’s engine travelled through the seven-seater vehicle and landed in the boot. How he survived is anyone’s guess. However, he is thankful every day that there were no passengers, especially his three young children. 

The news was grim, and the list of injuries is not for the faint-hearted:

  • One very severely broken femur 
  • A flattened pelvis 
  • One broken foot 
  • A punctured lung 
  • Five brain bleeds 
  • A temporary ABI (acquired brain injury) 
  • Chips of bone off the spine - spinal nerve damage 

His exceptional medical team prepared him for the worst - news that he might not walk again. But, in Rick’s mind, that became a case of ‘challenge accepted’. 

Ricks accident scan

The road to recovery 

Before the car accident, Rick, now 36 years old, was quite fit. He exercised a lot, worked out in a home gym and didn’t drink. Rick attributes this along with a good dose of stubbornness and his “go-hard-or-go-home” attitude to a miraculous recovery. Rick may have been hospitalised for six months, but he now not only walks, he snowboards. 

There have also been some unexpected positive outcomes: 

  • Very high pain threshold - Rick wonders if some of the nerve damage has compromised his ability to feel a lot of physical pain. He recently had a tattoo under the arm, typically one of the most sensitive places on the body for inking, and it caused him no discomfort. 
  • His X-Rays make him look like a real-life Wolverine. It certainly helps set him apart from other guys dating online! 

Ricks car accident xray

Oxygen masks and ‘maskne’

‘Maskne,’ a term that rose to popularity mainly during the global pandemic, refers to the effect of wearing a mask on the skin. Typically, it results in acne and / or rosacea around the area of skin that comes into contact with the mask. Rick believes his condition is the result of months of wearing an oxygen mask, and it nearly drove him crazy. 

Yes, despite his body breaking on almost every level, it’s his skin that made him rage with frustration. 

Instead of acne or rosacea, however, Rick felt as if his face had “grown its own new layer of thick skin, over the top of the skin I already had”. To an outsider, it looked normal. For Rick, however, it felt like another thick organism, and it drove him mad. He tried every cream under the sun, including several brands we can’t help but think most guys would never typically know! He tried significant doses of vitamin C, exfoliators, facial peels; you name it, Rick tried it. Nothing worked. 

Ricks accident

How to Rebuild Collagen in the Face with Edible Health Marine Collagen Powder 

Rick turned to the internet and began researching, and that’s when he found collagen. 

The more he looked into its role in skin repair and how to rebuild collagen in the face, the more he thought this could be the solution. So, after careful consideration, Rick decided in October 2020 to invest in Edible Health Marine Collagen Powder. Within two months, this invisible layer of thicker skin began to slough away. Rick was elated; he could literally feel the weight lift from his face. He also tried our Bovine Collagen Powder but preferred the Marine for personal taste reasons.. 

Eight months later and now a devoted Edible Health Marine Collagen customer, Rick estimates he is now 80% down the track to feeling like a new man with not only a rebuilt body but a fresh-feeling face too. 

How might collagen help your complexion? 

Our blog dedicates an entire series of content about collagen and skin health. Find out more there, or don’t hesitate to contact us

Thanks to Rick for sharing his story. He’s not entirely out of the woods yet, and still has some surgery to remove titanium plates. However, he is clearly a man who gets the job done, and we wish him continued health, happiness, and some online dating success…!  

Ricks Accident How to Rebuild Collagen in the Face

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