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Collagen Creamer: Your Daily Collagen Hit Just Got So Much Creamier

“Deliciously creamy,” you said. 

We often get this feedback from our lovely customers. So many of you delight in how our collagen supplements add a creamy texture to smoothies, cereals and almost anything else to which you add them. 

You got us thinking - why not develop a collagen supplement with all the benefits and goodness you expect from Edible Health, but with a deliberate boost of extra creaminess? A luscious layer of velvety smooth for your daily delight? 

We’re thrilled to say we did exactly that, and we’ve now launched our brand new Collagen Creamer. 

What is the best Collagen Creamer? 

The best collagen creamer is, of course, from Edible Health! 

We have developed a terrific blend of pure hydrolysed bovine collagen with organic coconut milk powder. It does everything our normal pure bovine collagen supplement does, but with the added bonus of a luscious, velvety coconut texture and taste. This is seriously irresistible.  

As is the case with every Edible Health product, we only use 100% natural, pure ingredients. In each 400g pouch you will find 160g of pure hydrolysed bovine collagen protein peptides complete with 18 essential amino acids, 200g of organic coconut milk powder (97% organic coconut milk, 2.5% organic tapioca maltodextrin and 0.5% organic gum acacia) and 40g of acacia powder. 

There’s also plenty of nasties you won’t find in this, or any of our other products. So no hormones, no antibiotics, no pesticides, no steroids and BSE-free. 

Benefits of Collagen Creamer  

Aside from tasting fantastic and feeling so rich and smooth, one of the major benefits of Collagen Creamer comes from all the goodness of our normal bovine collagen powder. So it’s designed to increase metabolism, weight loss (the added acacia powder assists here, also), brain function and gut health, but to also reduce appetite, cravings and the Monday morning blues. It’s a mighty serve of daily goodness. 

Who can enjoy Collagen Creamer?

Everyone can enjoy it, but it is particularly perfect for those on a keto diet given the MCT-charged coconut hit. 

How do you take Collagen Creamer? 

No fancy steps or special instructions here. Just add three tablespoons to your favourite brew (coffee, tea, match, hot chocolate), smoothie, porridge, cakes, biscuits or ice-cream and indulge in that added, luscious creaminess. 

How long will a pouch last? 

At the recommended serving size of three tablespoons a day, the pouch provides 16 servings. 

Where to buy Collagen Creamer? 

Head over to Edible Health's Shop Collagen Creamer, and don't forget to contact us if you have any questions! 

So if you love our bovine collagen but you love cream just as much, then we’ve got you covered! This is a taste sensation packed full of quality, nutritional health benefits - enjoy!




The information we have provided herewith, and all linked materials are not intended nor should they be construed as medical advice. Moreover, the information herewith should not be used as a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and consult your General Practitioner for advice specific for you.


*Please note, this product is only available for purchase in the UK. Take a look at our US collections page or EU collections page for products available here

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