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scoops plastic pollution

Scoops Are Poop

scoops plastic pollution

Sadly, images like the above are becoming increasingly common around the world. 

Every now and again, a customer will ask us why we don’t provide scoops with each of our collagen products, and it’s a fair question! We understand that many people have come to expect a scoop to be provided with products that come in powder form - it’s easy, convenient and helps with measuring after all, right?

But, when it comes to scoops the simple facts are this - no matter how eco we make the scoops, they are still using resources that end up as waste. And sadly, more often than not, that which doesn’t end up in landfill ends up on beaches around the world... as poop.

Our founders spend some of their time in Bali where they regularly see the effects of plastic and pollution on the beaches in Kuta. However, this isn’t isolated to Bali - we all see pollution everywhere, every day. 

As a result of not using scoops since we started Edible Health, we have saved almost a quarter of a million scoops from becoming poop!

So, in terms of energy, carbon footprint and eco-credentials, nothing is more environmentally sound than using a spoon that you already own. We know it may upset some, but we think it’s much fairer to our planet to assume that everyone has a spoon, so we hope people will have the heart to understand this is why we believe scoops are poop.

Here’s a tip from our founders! 

Now, if you want to go one better and take an extra step out of your carbon footprint - then consider using no spoon at all - as our founders do. Simply work out how much collagen you want to take and measure it once to see how much it is, then simply shake, sprinkle or tip out this amount of collagen directly from the tub. This may not be exact, but health isn’t an exact science either. Of course, you should always consider the recommended serving size along with your daily protein requirements, but a few grams more or less here and there will make no more difference than a 200g versus 210g steak.

And hey - if it saves time, washing up AND the planet, then game on!

plastic pollution from scoops

And no - this isn’t a money-saver 

Some people say we are just trying to save money, but refusing to use scoops isn’t a cost-saving activity for us. If we wanted to save costs, we’d buy cheaper collagen, use cheaper packaging and have a smaller team like most of our competitors.

We don’t use scoops because they are wasteful and harmful to the planet and it would actually mean charging our customers higher prices. We stand by our beliefs that the benefits of collagen shouldn’t come with compromises to values, conscience and convenience.

Your health - and the health of our planet - isn’t built on toxic shortcuts, and neither are we.

Edible Health, and always will be, naturally no nonsense.


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