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What Is Fish Collagen?

What Is Fish Collagen?

Fish collagen, also known as marine collagen, is a type of collagen entirely made from fish products. It consists of type I collagen, which is also the most abundant type of collagen found in the human body. It is particularly rich in two amino acids; proline and glycine. 

What is fish collagen called?

Fish collagen is also called marine collagen. 

What does fish collagen do?

  1. Supports healthy skin: As we age, the collagen production within our bodies reduces and so this can lead to saggy skin which is more wrinkled and less plump. Consumption of fish collagen can therefore help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by thickening the epidermis (the outer most layer of our skin).
  2. Protects skin against UV light damage: A study suggests that consumption of marine collagen could alleviate photodamage and help the skin retain moisture. 
  3. Promotes healthy sleep: Fish collagen contains the amino acid glycine, which is known for maintaining the body’s core temperature, thus potentially helping to promote better sleep
  4. Reduces inflammation: Glycine may also help reduce inflammation in the gut, making it easier to manage inflammatory diseases of the digestive system. 
  5. Supports hair and nail growth: Ingesting fish collagen may increase nail growth, improve brittle nails, and decrease frequent breaking of nails.  

Does fish collagen really work?

We believe Edible Health Marine Collagen powder works! However, why take our word for it when you can hear from Edible Health customer feedback about this and all our products.

How is fish (marine) collagen made?

Edible Health uses a cutting-edge, solvent-free, alkaline manufacturing process to make our marine collagen from fish skins. This process includes a technology known as hydrolysis, which further breaks down the collagens for easier and faster absorption. 

What foods are high in collagen?

Collagen is an animal protein and can only be found in animal sources. So, if you come across a non-animal product claiming to be collagen, please be very aware. Such products may contain ingredients that help the body produce collagen, but they will not contain collagen. Food sources rich in collagen include:

  • Fish and shellfish (mainly the head and scales)
  • Chicken and beef
  • Bone broth


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