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Why is Collagen Classified as a Protein?

Why is Collagen Classified as a Protein?

Protein is a molecule that comprises amino acids joined together by peptide bonds. Therefore, collagen is classified as a protein because it is a molecule of 18 amino acids joined together by these bonds in a very special way.

Collagen plays a vital role in the structural support and regeneration of the entire human body, holding all cells and tissues together and ensures skin, cartilage, and bone integrity, elasticity, and renewal. It represents almost 30% of all human protein content. 

What are proteins and what do they do?

Proteins are naturally occurring, highly complex molecules made up of smaller components called amino acids, joined together by peptide bonds. There are 22 different amino acids that can join together in any combination. 

They are essential for all life, providing many of the structural elements of a cell supporting health. They enable the body to heal, grow, repair and rejuvenate. Proteins also control gene expression.

What kind of protein is collagen?

Collagen is a fibrous protein consisting of 18 of the 22 amino acids, formed together in three chains wound around each other known as polypeptide chains. This forms very strong but very flexible primary, secondary, and tertiary structures known as the triple helix (like DNA but with three strands instead of two). 

It is a unique protein because of the abundance of three specific amino acids it contains - glycine, proline and hydroxyproline - and how these three join together with each other and with other amino acids via special bonds known as covalent bonds.

How is collagen protein made?

Collagen protein is derived from connective tissue, bones, and cartilages of animals, primarily cows, similar to human collagen. Other sources are:

  • Beef (often referred to as bovine collagen) 
  • Fish (often referred to as marine collagen) 
  • Pigs (often referred to as porcine collagen)
  • Sheep (often referred to as ovine collagen)
  • Chicken
  • Rabbits
  • Eggshells

 The animal parts are then hydrolysed

  1.   Cleaned and soaked to remove any excess fat.
  2.   Soaked 88 degrees Celsius water to facilitate the release of the collagen from the hide.
  3.   Evaporation and milling techniques provide the final result of pure collagen protein powder.

What is collagen protein made from? 

Collagen is protein molecules made up of amino acids - the building blocks of proteins, which play critical roles in your body.

Amino acids themselves are smaller molecules containing carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, possibly sulphur and other elements.

What is collagen protein good for?

As you age, your natural collagen production slows down. Collagen protein supplements may support the regeneration of skin, hair, nails, joints, and the gut. It may also help recovery from illnesses or injuries and enhance sports performance, fitness and post-workout recovery.



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