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The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020

 If you’re worried about presents this Christmas, just remember - you don’t have to go and buy, make or find any gift. Don’t conform to the thinking that this is somehow mandatory; it’s not. If money is tight, if you don’t like buying online but can’t get to the shops or if you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed by it all, just stop now. 

We have come up with a range of ideas from those that cost nothing, right through to a max £30. We think there’s something for everyone… exactly how Christmas should be!

The best things in life are free

Christmas should first and foremost be a time to connect and appreciate the relationships we value; not a time to feel weighed down by expectations. Simply reach out and explain that this Christmas you want to spend your time talking and seeing people you care about, not fighting queues, worrying about bank balances or feeling pressured. In doing so, you are probably going to help take the weight off someone else too!

In addition, here’s 10 ideas that won’t cost a penny but could be worth the world to someone special...

  • Sending Christmas wishes the “old-fashioned” way by writing a letter. 
  • Printing a family / personal / scenic photo and making it into a card. 
  • Foraging for bark, leaves, sticks etc and creating a piece of your own art to give.
  • Taking some house plant cuttings and giving the gift of plant life. 
  • Connect with friends or Facebook groups who grow veggies and ask for some seed donations. Then cut an egg box up, grab some soil from outside and spend a few weeks before Christmas sprouting some seedlings to give away.
  • Making a long overdue phone call and pencilling out the time in your diary so it’s unrushed and without distractions?
  • Use your phone to make videos - maybe dress up, sing, dance or do something funny, or maybe just tell someone 10 reasons why you’re grateful they’re in your life.
  • Write a poem - caring words from the heart never cease to bring joy, and it doesn’t have to rhyme!
  • Download an app (eg Canva, Picstitch, Moldiv, Pic Collage and Photo Grid)
  • and collate some piccies to send as a collage gift filled with wonderful memories 
  • Give the gift of time, perhaps the most precious gift of all, by offering a service - perhaps babysitting, cleaning, ironing, grass-cutting or a dinner cooking session. If you’re skilled, then maybe you could offer a massage, manicure or DIY service?!

That said, if you are comfortable looking for gifts this year, then we’ve tried to make it that little bit easier for you. We’ve been hard at work researching the best Christmas gift ideas for 2020 and we’ve curated a terrific mix of options for you to consider. From ethical and environmentally-responsible to budget-friendly and good for you, we’ve ideas that cater for an array of budgets

Christmas gift ideas £5 or under 

#1 Paying it forward - giving to those in need 

What about making a donation to a charity on behalf of someone? Let them know that their gift has in fact gifted someone - or something - in need. This can be a really great idea for those you know who are absolutely inundated with presents, or simply already have all they need. 

What about the various food banks now seeking donations at local supermarkets? If you were planning on buying someone chocolates this Christmas, how about going ahead and purchasing them, but leaving them at the food bank? You can explain over a cuppa (minus the chocolates!) with your friend/family member that their gift has been paid forward to someone else. 

Cost: Your choice  

seed gift

#2 Seeds - the gift that keeps giving 

There is so much to love about this idea: 

  • Affordable - £5 is more than enough to get you a good mix of quality vegetable seeds 
  • Healthy - this is the kind of present that is going to deliver long-term benefits. Not only is gardening great for the soul, but it results in healthy, nutritious produce 
  • Low-maintenance. Sure, you could put the seeds in their very own planter so that some of the work is already done, but you don’t have to go that far at all. Just wrap the seeds in some lovely recycled brown paper, maybe even add a dried flower, and you have a really thoughtful, beautiful present for someone special! 

Cost: Most seed packets cost from £1.50 upwards. 

yoga pose cards

#3 Yoga pose cards 

You know the Edible Health team loves our yoga, pilates and meditation, so we couldn’t resist these yoga pose cards from Oliver Bonas, especially at that price. We think this is such a thoughtful, lovely gesture for someone, especially if they’re new to any form of exercise. With 100 poses for them to enjoy, this is the gift that will keep on giving! 

Cost: £5

shortbread Christmas gift

#4 Festive shortbread 

Plain flour, caster sugar and butter. Really, if you want to make a basic but yummy shortbread, then these are the only essential ingredients. Anything on top of that is a bonus! With £5 you could make a good few dozen shortbreads, depending on the size. So grab some colourful ribbon, some enviro-friendly recycled paper, or re-use some clean tin foil or baking paper or even print a nice design onto your normal printer paper, and you’ve got yourself a super well-priced, creatively wrapped, really thoughtful gift. Why not go out foraging for some pine needles,baby pinecones or holly (snip off the spikes!) to incorporate into the wrapping, just to really spruce things up? 

Cost: Under £5 

Christmas gift ideas £10 or under 

200g bovine collagen christmas pack

#1 Edible Health collagen - Christmas special 

As a Christmas exclusive, while stocks last we’re offering our Edible Health 200g Travel Pouch Bovine Collagen for just £9.95 (down from £14.95). This is a terrific well-being gift, something that really says you care about this person and their health. Customers use our collagen supplements for any number of health reasons - improved immunity, hair, skin, nails, bones, joints, gut health… This power pouch of protein is sure to look after your loved one, as well as your wallet. Scroll through our blog for stories of how collagen has helped so many of our customers, or check out our recipes and consider buying a pack to make some delicious treats to enjoy or to give away as festive gifts. Adding a pinch of cinnamon here and a dash of cloves there will turn our Plum and Blueberry Crumble, Spiced Collagen Porridge or Sweet Apple Tea into delicious Christmas dishes!

Cost: £9.95 (was £14.95) for Edible Health 200g Travel Pouch of Bovine Collagen 

Gift vouchers also available 


gin and tonic soap

#2 Gin & tonic… soap! 

A dose of G&T that’s good for the body and won’t hurt the head, no matter how much you use? We like the idea of that! This G&T soap from the All Natural Soap Co is a great idea as a tipple alternative. 

Cost: £7.50


#3 Positivity cards 

Know someone who might need a bit of a pick-up? These Edie & Joe positivity cards are cuteness overload and such a simple, lovely way to tell someone that they’re in your thoughts and that you want to help. Technically this gift is only £3 given you get two sets of three. Why not add your own message to each of the cards? When you’re done, simply tie three up with some twine, add a flower or a little chocolate and, hey presto, a pretty, fun, thoughtful and budget-friendly present. 

Cost: £6 (for two sets of three)  

colouring book gift

#4 Mindfulness colouring book 

Colouring books stopped being just for kids years ago, and for good reason! They’re such a terrific way to just still the mind and enjoy the present moment. We are fans of the illustrations in this colouring bundle, which contains three books (birds, butterflies and flowers) as well as a set of 30 coloured pencils - what a great deal! 

Cost: £10 

Interested in more ideas? OK, if cost is less of a factor, then we suggest looking at these two great presents... 

A social & enviro-friendly Christmas gift

Eco friendly gift

Give a crap this Christmas 

OK, you weren’t expecting this one, were you? Who Gives a Crap came into existence through crowd-funding. One of the founders literally sat on a toilet in Australia and refused to move until AU $50,000 was raised. As they say, 50 hours and one cold botty later, and they had achieved their goal. These guys donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. That is HUGE. Moreover, their recycled toilet paper comes in really quirky, colourful designs that have turned into pieces of display art in many a residential and corporate bathroom. If you were headed to the shops to buy a certain someone their annual jocks-and-socks Christmas present, think again. Give a crap instead - it will be a huge talking point! 

Cost: From £24 

Digital gift cards available 

Here’s to healthy Christmas gifts 

12 days of Christmas

The 12 days of matcha advent countdown calendar 

We’re a big fan of Bird & Blend tea, not least of all because you can stir your bovine or marine collagen into it, creating a brew that tastes delicious and is extra nutritious. They produce a beautiful 12-day matcha advent countdown calendar including a variety of incredible teas, matcha spoon + bowl, and matcha whisk. This year they have used zero plastic in their design, included more matcha powder, curated limited edition flavours exclusive to the advent calendar, and designed a superb sliding box that will look great on your benchtop. 

Cost: £30.00 

Keen on more ideas, like how to spice up Christmas dinner or what to do if you’re not with all your loved ones this festive season? We’ve got plenty more suggestions, so be sure to check them out. 

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