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Christmas holiday staycation

What to Do if You Don’t Celebrate Christmas

For many reasons, not everyone celebrates Christmas. Religion, personal beliefs, finances, relationships and even health can all be factors that mean it’s just not the festive season for some that it might be for others.

So, if Christmas doesn’t feature on your calendar, how do you plan to spend the day? We’ve got some ideas that might get your creative juices flowing! 

#1 Throw a party 

You’re not going to be the only one who isn’t getting silly over this season. Find out who else has a free dance card and get a party started. If you’re in a lockdown area, then why not think about something outdoors?! Sure, it’ll be chilly, but memorable! Failing that, how about a virtual party? Zoom zoom…...

bloody mary cocktail

#2 Shake yourself up a cocktail 

Every good party needs a great drinks menu, right? 

Rather than just a wine or a shot of something neat, whip up a cocktail to celebrate the fact you don’t have to run around like a rabbit this time of year. Not only that, but you’re not pouring money into presents that might get returned, or shelved in the back closet to never be seen until spring cleaning time. You don’t have to get up ridiculously early to start preparing a meal that could well end in heated arguments around the dinner table. Chin, chin to that! Of course, we feel duty-bound to mention that collagen can be whisked into cocktails to give them a healthy punch of protein. In fact, we’ve got two sensational recipes right here: 

Recipe one: Blackberry G&T 

For a classy cocktail that works a real treat with our bovine powder. 

  • 1 measure Silent Pool Blackberry Gin Cordial 
  • 1 measure Gin 
  • Fevertree Mediterranean tonic 
  • Big slice of lime and generous squeeze of lime juice 
  • Frozen berries 
  • Two tablespoons of Edible Health Bovine Collagen 
  • Lots of ice 
  • Extra large glass 

Using an extra big glass full of ice will help prevent it from melting too quickly, and also helps to keep the tonic fizzy.


Recipe two: Wintery Bloody Mary 

We’ve done something a little different and replaced the vodka with a neat shot of winter-warming whiskey. What a heart-starter! Obviously you can make this a winning non-alcoholic recipe as well by simply omitting the whiskey.

  • 1 measure of whiskey. Think about something peaty, powerful and perfect for this time of year. If you want a ‘wee dram’ of something really special, then the Ardbeg Corryvreckan is a real delight  
  • Two tablespoons of Edible Health Bovine or Marine Collagen 
  • Good pour of tomato juice 
  • Dash of Worcestershire sauce
  • Dash of tabasco 
  • Cracked black pepper
cinema christmas

#3 Head to the movies 

Hollywood traditionally rolls out some of its biggest blockbusters in time for the Christmas period, so making the 25th a movie day is normally a great option. In 2020, that may or may not be possible in your part of the world. If it’s not, then what about making the movies come to you? What are your absolute all-time favourite flicks? Don’t think recently - go back as far as you possibly can, even as far back as childhood. Pull together a show schedule, make sure you’ve got plenty of popcorn, and settle in for some back-to-back entertainment nostalgia. 

winter walking

#4 Get some fresh air 

Christmas Day can be a wonderful date for getting out and avoiding the crowds. So many people are instead at home grappling with mountains of wrapping paper or having a meltdown in the kitchen. Head out into Mother Nature for a hit of fresh air and wild wonderment. Being in that stillness and really listening to the vast natural world around you is so invigorating for the soul. 

write letter on Christmas

#5 Write to someone 

How long since you’ve put pen to paper? It’s an almost foreign concept in this day and age. Yet, writing can be such an enriching experience, and you don’t have to be James Joyce to get something out of it. Whether you decide to write to someone in particular, or just yourself, sit down with a pen and see what flows. You don’t have to send it. Sometimes just the experience of getting it out and seeing it physically in front of you can be enough to make this a really rewarding thing to do. 

plan Christmas holiday

#6 Plan a holiday 

Oh, we love this one. Who doesn’t want to think about their next vacation, even if for some of us it might be a staycation?! Go crazy and think of somewhere that really gets your blood racing. Look into accommodation options, research hashtags on social media. You’ll have an itinerary ready before you know it.

Chinese food on Christmas

#7 Get someone else to prepare a banquet 

Or, in other words, order Chinese, Jewish or Indian take-out! Not every restaurant is going to be closed on the 25th. Find out who’s cooking with gas in your neighbourhood and plan some take away. Do something quirky like order whatever is number 15 on the menu. Who knows, you might end up discovering a new favourite dish. 

climb tree

#8 Do something you’ve never done before 

Get out of the comfort zone and try something you’ve either never before considered, or you’ve thought about, but never actually gone ahead with. For instance: 

  • Order #15 on the menu (see above) 
  • Try sketching something 
  • Look into becoming a volunteer 
  • Have a wild water dip (just be sure to do this with someone, and take an inflatable) 
  • Climb a tree 
  • Download a meditation app and give it a go 
  • Start a blog (it can just be for yourself!) 
  • Take a virtual dance lesson 
  • Go and check out the night sky 

However you end up spending the 25th, we wish you an absolute cracking day. Enjoy! 

Are you involved in a work Kris Kringle, despite the fact you’re not really a believer? Don’t worry - we’ve taken the effort and hassle out of the equation for you and come up with a great list of gift ideas that are affordable, healthy and enviro-friendly

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