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collagen for healthy skin

Healthy skin - it’s what’s happening on the inside that matters

collagen for healthy skin

“True beauty is achieved when the outer beauty is in harmony with the inner beauty” - Javanese philosophy 

If you suffer from eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, acne, dry skin or random rashes then you’ve probably applied all manner of lotions and potions in an effort to heal. Like the rest of us, you’re open-minded to old wives’ tales or supposedly fail-proof remedies in an effort to heal. As long as it works, right? And rightly so. Not only is it a barrier protecting our body from our external environment, it’s also a fundamental component of our physicality. Our skin is a huge part of our identity and a major contributor to how we feel when we are out there in the world. 

But we’re interested to know, have any of the lotions or potions ever worked? Or at best, have they just reduced symptoms and made it more manageable, more tolerable? After so many trials and tests are you now feeling battle weary, and suspect that this might just be something you have to endure as part of life? 


What about looking inside to heal, rather than outside? Could the problem lie not in the symptom, but in a deeper cause? Is your skin your body’s yellow canary, a sign that internal healing may be needed before external healing can truly begin?

Many of our customers with skin problems have experienced this very journey. They’ve spent months - even years - exploring topical creams and procedures, only to find their healing from within, which we'll explore as part of our skin series.

gut health and skin

The gut-skin axis (how gut and skin health are connected) 

Let’s first look at our gut. 

By default of its location, we often refer to our stomach region as our core. As it turns out, however, the science community increasingly recognises the gut is also central to our general health. Within our gut live an astounding volume (about 100-trillion!) of good and bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa collectively called the ‘gut microbiome’ or ‘gut flora’. Collectively they weigh around 2kg - about as much as our brain! Homeostasis, or the ideal microbiome balance, requires a diversity and abundance of these bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa to carry out many functions including:

  • Digesting food
  • Producing vitamins 
  • Maintaining the immune system 
  • Protecting against germs
  • Regulating hormones and other bodily functions 

So, how does a happy gut contribute to healthy skin? 

Cumulative scientific human and rodent studies have established a connection between gut bacteria and skin health, also referred to as the gut-skin axis. They include:

But studies aside, don’t you just know this to be true? When someone is seriously ill, how often have you heard them described as having ‘grey skin’? If you’ve had a big night, or you’re recovering from a bug, you’re likely to look in the mirror and see a fairly lacklustre complexion, right? Your skin most definitely isn’t radiating a healthy hangover glow! 

We say our eyes are the window to our soul, so why not refer to our skin as a window to our gut? 

What affects our gut’s microbiome and therefore our skin’s health?

Many factors can lead to gut dysbiosis, or a microbiome imbalance. They include:

  • Genetics 
  • Pollution 
  • Smoking 
  • Poor diet
  • Alcohol 
  • Antibiotics and prescription medicines
  • Stress 
  • Exposure to pathogens 
  • Minimal physical activity 

healthy skin collagen

Healthy skin and collagen 

Collagen has a two-part starring role in the quest for healthy skin. Not only does it contribute to a healthy gut, but it is a building block when it comes to skin regeneration and maintenance

Edible Health’s Digestive Enzyme Collagen is not only for healthy digestion, reducing inflammation and healing the gut lining, but also for supporting the gut microbiome. With 15 potent super nutrients, the ingredients in this balancing blend include bromelain contained within the natural freeze dried pineapple flavouring. Bromelain is an enzyme which is fantastic at breaking down protein thereby helping the collagen digestion and absorption; Vitamin C, which is essential for collagen production within the body; turmeric, a potent anti-inflammatory, plus pre and probiotics to support our ‘in-house’ community of micro organisms.

Learn more about collagen here.

Our customers take Edible Health collagen for their skin conditions 

Why take our word for it when you can hear from real people who know our product really works?

However, as we’ve already learned, diet alone is not the only contributor to gut-skin health. In fact, auditing your lifestyle in general and making some healthy decisions more broadly should encourage a healthy glow. 

collagen for healthy skin

Internal healing - more healthy skin tips 

Remember to always consult your GP about any health concerns, but don’t be afraid to push your medical advisors to also consider what’s happening inside, rather than just outside. Consider these other healthy skin tips:

  • Eating well - check out this great article on good food for skin 
  • Reducing/eliminating smoking 
  • Reducing/ eliminating alcohol consumption 
  • Increasing fluid intake - flushing the liver and subsequent toxins with filtered or distilled water 
  • Exercise - literally getting oxygen into the blood and encouraging it to flow through the body 
  • Meditation, yoga/pilates, mindfulness activity to bring about calm and reduce stress 
  • Taking natural pre and probiotics (kombucha, kefir, yoghurt, pickles), especially if you’re administered antibiotics (remember to consult your GP) 
  • Regular detox and fasting programmes 

So, let’s look one more time at our inspiring Javanese philosophy - “true beauty is achieved when the outer beauty is in harmony with the inner beauty”. Remember that your physical beauty is literally only skin deep. How you feed yourself and feel about yourself should be given every bit as much of your attention, because when these all align, that’s when your true beauty radiates. 

collagen for skin health

Take-home points

  • True beauty is achieved when outer beauty is in harmony with inner beauty 
  • Scientific evidence shows a link between gut health and skin health - the “gut-skin axis” 
  • A healthy gut microbiome consists of an abundance and diversity of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Upsetting this balance can compromise skin health/appearance 
  • Genetics, stress and external factors such as pollution, poor diet and poor exercise can compromise gut health 
  • Edible Health Digestive Enzyme Collagen is developed specifically for gut health 


The information we have provided herewith, and all linked materials, are not intended nor should they be construed as medical advice. Moreover, the information herewith should not be used as a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and consult your General Practitioner for advice specific for you. 

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