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If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that health is wealth, and relationships are more precious than gold.
So, if you’re looking to give a gift of wellness this festive season, the Edible Health elves have a stocking full of ideas.

So - who do you need to gift…?

The elves have ideas for any interest or personality, including the health-conscious, over-indulgers, non-meat eaters, sporty spices, workout wonders, home bakers work colleagues and more. Find the perfect gift now!

Yourself - Because Self Love and Self Care is Everything!

What a year! You deserve to be at the top of your festive shopping list.

The Wellbeing Warrior Friend

For that certain someone in your life who starts their day with celery juice, drinks eight glasses of water, loves to fast, and would go cray-cray for a collagen-laced Christmas.

The Bendy Friend

Put a yoga mat under one arm and a tub of some of this wellness under the other, and this friend will be blissed-out by your thoughtful gesture.

The Prosecco Lover Who Can’t Pace

Pop goes the cork - again! For that someone who needs no excuse to party, not least of all a month of festivities.

The ‘No-Turkey-For-Lunch’ Friend

For the meat-free mate who needs a pescatarian protein push.

The ‘Too-Much-Turkey-For-Lunch’ Friend

And extra potatoes in duck fat. And brandy butter on their plum pud. Yes, this friend’s digestive system might actually make it through this season with your thoughtful care package!

The Protein-Loving Partner

Is this certain someone in your life already planning their early-morning work-out on the 25th? Well, they’re going to LOVE you for this!

The Selfie-Obsessed Sibling

Whether it’s about looking on-point every day of the week or just feeling great in the bones they’re in; this friend is hoping Santa delivers some beauty bounty. We’ve got just the ticket! 

The Mother-in-Law

OK, so we’re being a little cheeky…!

The One Who Has Everything

We’ve all got that someone in our life, right? House - tick. Car - tick. Regular holiday when there’s not a global pandemic - tick. Thermomix - tick. Well, they probably don’t have this…

The Office Colleague

Play it safer than holly at ground level and offer that Kris Kringle colleague something that might just end up in your daily work cuppa as well! Colleagues who share are colleagues who care!

The Home Chef

For the Great British Bake-Off wanna be in your life. Cheaper than a KitchenAid and ready to take breads, cakes, cookies and casseroles to a whole new healthy stratosphere, this is gift-giving with real baking benefits!