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Whether you want to maintain a beautiful complexion for future years, or you need to rewind the clock, we believe our premium Edible Health Anti-Ageing blend is truly the best collagen for skin. We are confident that it can help you achieve the goodness and glow you’re after!

A potent formula comprising our pure, bovine hydrolysed collagen combined with essential minerals, vitamins and super nutrients, it comes packed with all the rejuvenating supplements you need in one easy, convenient and money-saving tub.

Edible Health Anti-Ageing - the best collagen supplement for sagging skin and wrinkles

Our carefully formulated Anti-Ageing collagen powder blend combines the power of the highest quality, hydrolysed bovine collagen with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, polyphenols and bioflavonoids to enhance skin beauty.

This potent blend includes: 

  • Hyalauronic acid - retains moisture to maintain suppleness and plumps the skin to smooth out wrinkles and creases
  • Vitamin E - a natural antioxidant that can reduce inflammation and restore radiance 
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - helps prevent dryness 
  • Vitamin C - stimulates collagen production 
  • Resveratrol - an antioxidant plant compound 
  • Zinc - an inflammatory and helps to fight signs of scarring 
  • Biotin - helps metabolise fat, which is paramount for a healthy complexion and can protect against acne and skin infections
  • Chondroitin Sulphate - supports the structure and function of the connective tissue in skin

    The best collagen for skin conditions 

    Our Anti-Ageing blend includes zinc, a powerful essential mineral and natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Zinc is linked to healing wounds and, when taken orally, may decrease the severity of skin conditions and signs of ageing.  

    Happy customers 

    Why take it from us? You’ll be blown away when you see these eczema before and after photos from our customer, Anna. Or find out how mum Julie used collagen to battle and beat her son’s psoriasis

    Three reasons why Anti-Ageing is the best collagen powder for skin  

    There are three important reasons we choose to provide our collagen in powder format:

    Strictly no nasties 

  • It ensures we don’t have to add anything extra, which would be the case if we opted for gels, pills or gummies. Check out this incredibly thorough analysis of these various forms of collagen

    Value for money

  • Gram for gram, you won’t find a better deal for pure, hydrolysed collagen. Powders typically offer the best value for money. When it comes to Anti-Ageing, you’re looking at £1.50 per serve, compared to around £10 for the equivalent in capsules. If you’re thinking about liquid shots, then you’ll likely have to at least double the price of powder before you get the equivalent amount. 

    Lifestyle flexibility 

  • You might want to add your collagen into a smoothie today. Tomorrow, however, you may prefer it stirred into yoghurt over fruit salad. We want our collagen to work around you, not the other way around. Maintaining a powder format gives you absolute lifestyle flexibility. Travelling? Opt for the handy 100g pouch, a great way to maintain your collagen whilst you’re away from home. 


Why is Edible Health the best brand of collagen for your skin? 

We became aware of the power of collagen long before it became a beauty buzzword. We recognised years ago that this miracle molecule was a game-changer, and we remain committed to producing the highest quality collagen available. We know that your skin is a window into your wellness. If you’re not nourishing it from within, then no amount of lotions, potions or treatments will ever deliver the radiance and vitality you’re after.  

We feed you the purest, premium quality collagen, not marketing mumbo-jumbo. We keep the BS out of our collagen powder, as well as our marketing. We only use natural ingredients - no GMO, BSE, gluten, whey, dairy, soy, nuts, pesticides, heavy metals, steroids, antibiotics or hormones. We’re also Halah and Kosher certified, and appropriate for Keto and Paleo diets. 

Our UK owners started this business with a passion to help others in their quest for wellbeing and good health. We stick to this like glue, and never compromise.  We stand by our mantra People Before Profits and every customer matters to us. Visit our site to get to know more about us

The taste of summer all year-round 

Our Raspberry & Citrus Anti-Ageing blend is delicious! We think it’s the best tasting collagen on the market. A mild and delicious tang promises to delight the taste buds. It’s terrifically yummy on its own, or adds a subtle summer tang to your smoothie. 

Instructions - how to enjoy Anti-Ageing 

Perfect for blending into shakes, smoothies and juices, this collagen is a breeze to incorporate into your daily diet. 

ix your chosen serving size into a paste with a fatty liquid such as milk (we love oat or coconut) or oil (MCT or coconut is great) until smooth 

  • Add this smooth paste into your food and drink
  • Whisk, mix, shake, stir or blend thoroughly   
  • Just remember that all the ingredients are natural so the powder may not dissolve fully and may separate or settle. This is completely normal. Just adjust the serving and experiment with different foods and enjoy!

Want to know more about collagen - the “protein of youth”? 

Collagen is the most prolific protein in the body. It’s used to maintain and repair everything from our intestinal wall and muscles, to ligaments, joints, hair and, of course, skin. However, as we age, our ability to produce collagen begins to decline. This results in the complexion losing its elasticity and healthy glow. When this happens, telltale signs such as fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin begin to form. 

That’s where our Edible Health collagen comes in. It works to replenish the body’s collagen and may rejuvenate skin, returning radiance and wellness. And who knows what other goodness it might be doing at the same time? Nails as strong as steel, luscious locks, happy joints… That’s the beauty of collagen, your body might decide to spread this goodness in so many other ways. 

Want to go deeper? Read more about collagen and how it can protect your complexion

We’re here for you!  

We love hearing from our customers as well as people who are new to collagen and/or Edible Health. If you have any questions or want to find out more, just email us here and our lovely team will be in touch! 


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